Canon EF Lens Routine CLA Service Recommendations

Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by jorge_ituarte|3, Sep 12, 2003.

  1. Was looking at some of the archived posts and was hoping you all
    could recommend a good place in the Southeastern United States you
    have had a good experience with recently. I am a little terrified at
    sending out my lenses these days.
  2. What's wrong about these days?
  3. Apathy and lack of love for ones craft.
  4. Apathy and lack of love for ones craft.
  5. Sergey, It's a simple question. I am seeking a recommendation not sociological discussion.
  6. Let's make it easy. Who is the best in the country?
  7. Jorge,

    Why don't you send it to canon service center, it will be safe and they are helpful (that's my own experience).Go to their site and check the closest to your area. I live in OC, california and thank God, Canon service center in irvine is only couple miles from where I live.Good luck!

  8. Jorge,
    I use a local shop in Pittsburgh, Kameraworks. Mike Gray is the owner. He used to head up the Pittsburgh Canon-authorized service center until his employer closed its doors, now he is on his own (he also works on other brands). Mike's rates are reasonable, his turnaround is good, and above all he is honest. I don't know how much he does with lenses, but you can go to and ask him, he is quick to answer.

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