Canon EF adapter for Nikon 55mm f1.2 SC Auto (Non-AIS)

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  1. Hi,

    I am looking for a Canon EF adapter for a Nikon 55mm f1.2 SC Auto (Non-AIS). I have one from Kood and a better one form Novoflex but neither will fit in the lens due to what appears to be the thickness of the lugs on the Nikon mount. Does anyone have experience of this or have a recommendation for a specific mount that would fit?

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  2. I've never noticed the bayonet lugs being thicker on my Nikkor-SC 55/1.5, HOWEVER- there is an extra piece on metal on the lens mount that is designed to protect the very big rear element from damage when the lens is set down without a rear cap and when being mounted on the camera. That might be an issue. The rear element has a very large, protruding, rear element.
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  3. I noticed that bit on my AI version following this query. I then had to look at others in-case it was normal to all of them.

    I think the bayonet lugs would have to be standard 'thickness' and most camera body throats have nothing in the way, but an adaptor might?
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  4. Hi Mike and Brian,

    Thanks for the feedback on this. I will take a closer look. I know that others have managed to mount this and I have mounted many other older Nikkor lenses on various adapters so I was a little confused to come up against this issue here.
  5. The 55mm f/1.2 Nikkor is very popular with Canon users, so it is odd that yours will not fit either of your adapters (of different brands). When I first saw your post prior to anyone else replying, my initial thoughts ran to what mike_halliwell and Brian suggested: your particular example of the lens might have an unusually larger baffle for the rear element. But when I re-read your question, I realized the problem wasn't getting the lens mounted on your Canon body: rather you can't get the adapter on to the lens.

    That was a headscratcher: sent me down a rabbit hole of Canon threads, looking for any other such reports. Amazingly, I didn't find any: you would think this must have popped up before in a forum thread somewhere, esp in the early 5DII days when there were a lot of crummy off-spec adapters flooding the market. Nope: all complaints center on protruding lens elements or baffle ridges fouling on the Canon mirror after the adapter is already fitted to the lens. My only experience with Nikkor manual lenses on Canon was with a 6D, which is probably the most forgiving Canon full frame model for adapted Nikkors (it even took my ancient 35/2 pre-AI with no issue).

    I'm gonna go out on a limb and suggest you might have a real outlier example of 55mm f/1.2 Nikkor. The Novoflex adapters are fairly universal: if you can't get that one on, it isn't likely any others will fit. Perhaps try one or two more brands, if you can afford it: if they won't do the trick, something is definitely off with the bayonet lugs of the lens (as you surmised). Its possible Nikon made a batch of these with slightly beefed up bayonet lugs: there were several small adjustments to various aspects of this lens during its production life. The sturdier lugs may have worked fine on Nikon body mounts but not so well on a generic modern adapter.

    I had somewhat similar issues with a very old 58mm f/1.4 Nikkor and old 180mm f/2.8 Nikkor: they were so resistant and stiff to mount on my Nikon F, F2, Nikkormat and D700 bodies that I sold them out of frustration. So balky bayonet lugs on the lens definitely are a possibility. Trying the lens on an actual Nikon body would verify this for certain. The solution is elusive: I suppose you could ask a jeweler or metal working shop to examine the adapter and lens, and see if they can modify the adapter just enough to fit the lens properly. Or buy another 55mm f/1.2 (that hopefully adapts better), then resell this problematic one.

    If this was a more common, affordable lens like 50mm f/1.4, you could buy a cosmetically beaten-up cheap example to harvest the bayonet mount and swap it onto yours: unfortunately this was the only f/1.2 pre-AI Nikkor, its scarce and expensive, so no cheap donors floating around. The aperture actuation lever and spring come off with the mount, and are specific to each lens model. An ambitious tinkerer or repair shop could probably modify a f/1.4 bayonet's aperture slot to open to f/1.2 and transplant the f/1.2 lever assembly (if necessary), but hat would be an extreme last-resort proposition inadvisable for such a pricey cult lens.

    Your best course forward would be to find someone who owns a Nikon body that can accept pre-AI lenses: if your 55mm f/1.2 is balky on a Nikon body, that pretty much confirms it needs to be modified or replaced. If it mounts and removes smoothly from a Nikon body, that comfirms its an issue with the adapters being a hair off, and you can perhaps look into getting the adapter modified.
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  6. Also puzzled. Use my Nikkor 55mm f/1.2 on a large number of film (including FD) and digital Canon bodies with no problem.

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