Canon ef 17-40 f/4L

Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by raivo_vanags, Apr 25, 2003.

  1. Has anybody tested or seen tests on Canon Canon ef 17-40 f/4L?

  2. I just received mine this morning. It is not tested right now but I will post sample
    images soon...
  3. Maxime,

    B&H shows that lens price to be TBA with a list of $1200. May I ask how much you paid for it?
  4. Adorama has it listed at $799 USD.
  5. I was just looking at some pictures comparing the EF17-35L/2.8, EF17-40L/4 and EF24-70L/2.8 at like focal lengths and apertures on the DP Review Canon SLR forum. Not surprisingly, the performance of the 17-40 and 17-35 in most cases was very comparable. Also, not surprisingly, the performance of the 24-70 was notably better in most cases since retrofocus wide angle lenses, both primes and zooms, are more difficult to design and performance is not as good as longer focal lengths.
  6. I paid $1399 can ($1600 taxes included), here in Montreal.
  7. You can get the 17-40 for a little as $720USD.
  8. I am really looking forward to some opinions of this lens.... Looks like it should be a winner, if the image quality is excellent.
  10. Has anyone seen tests or own the 17-40 with a non digital camera. I want to see the results of 17mm without the 1.5x crap
  11. I just read in a French magazine "chasseur d'images" a review of this lens. It score 4 out of 5, final judgement being that this lens is better for digital cameras rather then film ones with which it shows serious distortion and vignet at wider end.

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