Canon "Dream Lens" to EOS R Adapter?

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  1. I'm looking to adapt my Canon 50mm f/0.95 rangefinder lens to the new EOS R mirrorless body. Having looked at both pieces they would pair beautifully! My "Dream Lens" retains its original mount and I have no interest in a mount conversion (i.e. Leica M) because it's still enjoyed on a Canon 7 rangefinder.

    At this time there's no commercially-available adapter for this combination, and nobody has one in the works, so an adapter will have to be custom made. I have contacted Gus Lazzari, DAG Camera Repair, and Camera Clinic looking for someone to do the work, so far without success. Conceptually, I can envision shaving a few millimeters from the front of an M39 to EOS R adapter and then attaching the mounting flange from a donor Canon 7. Done properly, it would accept both the 50/0.95 and M39 lenses.

    If anyone can refer me to a technician who can handle this job it would be most appreciated!
  2. Might be worth giving S.K. Grimes a shot.

    They are mostly known in large format circles, but they are one of the few true Camera machine shops around-if anyone could do it, I'd think they could.

    You might have to send them a pre-made M39 adapter, a Canon 7 mount(or complete camera) and possibly the lens too, but with those in but I would be shocked if-with those hings in hand-they couldn't do it.
  3. Ben, thank you for that referral- they look like the right shop!
  4. Sorry, posted but then realised it wasn't an M39 adapter you needed.

    You might want to email a company called Kent-Faith to see if they can help. They specialise in mount adapters.

    There's also SRB, if they're still in business.
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  5. Just don't modify the lens itself.

    Adapter OK
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  6. Lens mount to remain unmodified, so it can still be used on a Canon 7 rangefinder.

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