Canon d60 issue

Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by virgw_owens, Sep 25, 2005.

  1. I just bought a d60 and it takes wonderful outdoor pics, but inside
    things are just not quite right. The WB seems off and the flas
    exposure is not quite right. I have tried the pop up flas and my
    420ex and neither seems to be anywhere close to my 20d. Any
    suggestions, or is this behavior common for the d60
  2. The D60 is a very good camera but does not have auto wb as good as your 20D or ettl 11
    which is much better than the original version camera's.
    Manualy wb and use manual mode for indoors and it will be fine.
    The big thing with the D60 is to use the pre meter flash or fel lock and do not recompose
    after focusing so better to use a point covering your subject.
  3. D60 is a great camera, under daylight. However, flash exposure is always very tricky with D60, as someone already pointed out. Just shoot in RAW so you can tweak teh exposure later and change WB to your wish.

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