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  1. Hi All,

    I have recently changed from PC to mac and have encountered a problem with the
    mac corrupting the Canon CR2 RAW files.

    This is what I?ve worked out so far:

    The problem is only on the mac ? the same files on the PC are all fine!

    The problem is random without any pattern.

    CR2 RAW files from both the 1Ds MarkII and 20D are affected. Files from six
    different CF Card are affected.

    Simply loading the files onto the mac seems to corrupt them. Unprocessed files
    are showing up as corrupted in the basic mac preview and CD/DVD?s burnt from
    these folders are corrupted.

    Adobe Photoshop CS and Adobe Lightroom Beta 3 on the mac show corrupted files.
    The same programs on the PC do not.

    I will attach an example of the problem.

    So does anyone know what?s happening and how to fix it?



    David Jenkins
  2. I can't tell for sure what is going on, but I've never had that problem.

    How are you transfering the data to the Mac? Just a thought, are you transfering USB or
    Firewire? I use to have some problems when I transfered via a CF reader that was Firewire.
    When I switched to USB problems stopped.

    I can only share with you what I do with my Mac G5 w/ PS CS2 & my a family member's
    (when I visit) Dell running XP w/ PS Elements 2.0

    1) Take CF out of 20D. 2) Put CF in CF Reader. 3) Create a File on Computer HD. 4) XFER
    all data from CF to newly created folder on Computer HD. 5) Make a CD back-up from
    Computer HD.

    It's never failed.
  3. Since 2003, I've tranferred tens of thousands of files to my Mac via a Firewire card reader
    from 10D, 20D and 5D without a single corruption. I'm guessing if the files are okay in
    camera and on a PC, you have a hardware defect. It may be as simple as a faulty USB or
    Firewire cable, a bad hub or bad hub power supply. I assume your other USB or FW devices
    are okay--no corruption of other files--so internal hardware is fine?

    So I'd start by by isolating the problem. Skip the card reader and hubs and plug your
    camera directly into the Mac to upload. If that works, you know your MAc is fine and the
    CF reader, cable or hub is hosed. Isolate each component and you'll soon know which one
    is the problem. I'm betting a cable or hub...
  4. I use MAC and OSX, Canon Raw from 1DsMk2 and 1DMk2, and 350D as well, downloading via USB2 and Firewire. I generally have no problems but I did experience a period of strange corruption of files, and it was resolved by reinstalling Photoshop (CS2) and installing the latest version of Adobe's raw conversion plugin. You might want to explore this. Failing that your Mac might be defective - the first G5 I had was duff out of the box and had to be replaced. Do you have anyone you know with a Mac who would let you download some images into it to see it the problem persists there too?
  5. I had this problem for a short while on my mac when using CS2/ACR, it went away on it's
    own and hasn't happened since. I never did find out what caused it, although it seemed to
    be connected to ACR. The pics would load into Bridge but when CS2 made it's adjustments
    that's when the problem would occur, try turning off the "auto adjustments" in CS2.
  6. Possibly a dumb question. Are you ejecting the cards properly after uploading?
  7. Hi Guys,

    Thanks for all your help!

    Ok Ive had a go at different USB ports and directly downloading from the camera. I have also been careful to eject the card reader properly. The problem does not seem to be here.

    One suggestion was that the corruption might be being caused during data transfer to an external hard drive (500GB firewire 800) Im using for bulk storage and back up. This was not something I had originally considered as a possible cause. I have now also tried eliminating this from the situation by only downloading files to the internal drives.

    Files continue to be randomly corrupt in mac preview, although strangely if you close the finder and open it again the corrupted files are then ok, seemly to have repaired themselves. As yet all the files have opened in Adobe Lightroom ok.

    Thanks for the advice. If I find what the exactly problem is Ill post the conclusion.

    Thanks David

    David Jenkins
  8. I just found a way to recover the files... I tried a couple of data recovery programs, but only 1 actually work. DataInternals (, $40) Flash Recovery actually read the files, and made the thumbnails viewable. After the program saved them to disk, I changed the extension to .TIFF, and could open them with paintshop pro. After I saved them as a .TIFF with PSP, Photoshop could read the file. I realize it isn't the .RAW file, but definitely better than nothing!

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