Canon CR2 format and Photoshop CS2

Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by steven greaves, Jul 16, 2005.

  1. I have just loaded Adobe Photoshop CS2 on to my PC. For some reason
    unknown to me, I cannot open EOS 20D CR2 files. Do I have to buy a
    plug-in or some update from Adobe to view these files or am I doing
    something incorrectly?

    Thanks for any help!
  2. yes you do need a free update, available from abobe's web site.
    Raw update 3.1 is available in the suport section for dowload.
  3. If you turn on automatic updates and have a live internet connection it will do this in the background. Otherwise, go to Help\Updates and force a download from within PhotoShop CS.
  4. Thank you for that information... I too was having problems downloading my 20D raw to photoshop CS...I downloaded the new 3.1 file.....

    I could download to the photoshop browser but had to convert to jpg to download to save to file......and had to work each photo.raw then save it...what a pain.....hope the new 3.1 works easier..

  5. I have updted my CS2 raw all the way to 3.7 and it still won't read CR2. All i have seen is complaints on the net. No actuall cure that really works. I used to love Photoshop CS2. Now i think they have just left there old custamers hanging.
  6. Don,

    You can easily and freely convert your CR2 files to Adobe RAW DNG files using the DNG converter. Then you can open your RAW files in CS2 fine.

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