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Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by nickdon, Jun 15, 2020.

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  2. Looks like a marketing tool.
  3. I've never tried it with Canon, but live chat is very common on the support sites of many companies. I suspect it's simply more efficient; one agent can juggle more than one call. I've found that it is often simpler than using a call, as I can do other things while waiting for a reply rather than waiting on hold if they have to look something up, and I can have a record of the chat if I want it.

    In the case of Canon, I have usually used e-mail, and I've had good luck so far.
  4. True, but the guys at the chat are doing an amazing job, all the answers are isntant and they are offering great help on any sort of query regarding Canon products
  5. As @paddler4 says, many organizational websites already provide - or are in the process of providing - webchat. In addition to their interactive communication via social media. These days, there are are multiple interactive communication channels. Webchat is one of them. IMHO, it's not so much about the channels or technology, which have been around for a while. It's more about how an organization intends to - and organizes itself to - digitally interact with its potential customers. Personally, I've had very quick and very effective 'çhat' dialogues with some organizations, Others left me hanging for so long, I just gave up. Some çhat channels are focused on their products, services and my satisfaction/complaint. Others have a "much wider focus: "Why are interested in ...? How can we help you make a choice?

  6. That's about all you can get these days with the Pandemic. I tried calling Canon and the live-chat was temporarily down. They did send me an email the next day.
  7. They have specific times that they are open thats why. The live chat is open from 9:00 AM until 8:00 PM every day including weekends, you can give it a try again.
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