Canon Canada Class Action Suit

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    "The suit claims damages for losses suffered by consumers that purchased
    popular models of Canon's digital cameras that are prone to suffer a
    malfunction with error code 'e18'."

    "The class includes all purchasers of the specific camera models including
    the popular SD450, SD300, A75, and other camera models detailed in the
    statement of claim."

    "For further details please see the statement of claim on Juroviesky and Ricci's
    website " - Site is down at time of posting. More info at
    the above NewsWire link.

  2. Curses. I saw the title and I thought I could at last get some classy smart threads suitable for wearing while engaged in vigourous activity. Canon doesn't have a clothing line does it?
  3. Some attorney is going to make a million dollars with this. The poor Canon users will
    probably get a $3 voucher toward their next Canon purchase.
  4. Makes about as much sense as the attorney who sued the cleaners for "losing" his pants...
  5. >>Makes about as much sense as the attorney who sued the cleaners for "losing" his pants...<<

    It wasn't an attorney, it was a moronic judge who represented himself in court, where he lost is other pants :)
  6. My canon neck strap is getting a little frayed on the end after 3 years. Has a class been
    established for that yet?
  7. As for the Canon deal, the company may choose to pay up just to make the matter go away. But, in reality there may not be much legal muscle to the case. There are no monetary losses to be claimed by users (other than the camera if Canon failed to take care of warranty work, and ONLY in that case). After the warranty expires all bets are off.

    It would be next to impossible to prove malice on the part of Canon and/or that the issue (which in itself would need to be technically dissected in court), if any exists, was known to Canon priorand that could have been fixed prior to releasing the cameras. Since Canon, like any other manufacturer, takes care of warranty work as specified by their paperwork/warranty cards, there is really no claim after that.

    For example: if you Canon 1Ds MK707 :) dies one month after the warranty, there is nothing Canon is obligated to do. If a HUGE number if cameras suffer the same faith then, there would be cause for an investigation, possible legal action, etc...

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