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  1. Canon Camera Bodies For Sale:
    Canon EOS Rebel T2i body lightly used Less than 5k actuations. 18 mp. Box and all contents included $197 Excellent
    Canon EOS Rebel T5i body barely used less than 1k actuations. 18 mp Box and all contents included $387 Excellent
    Canon PowerShot G1X just used as an occasional backup. Many Canon Professionals use this camera as a backup because of the small size and high image quality. Including box and all original contents $177

    Canon Lenses for sale:
    Canon EF-S Series 10-22mm zoom lens, boxed. Excellent condition $387
    Canon EF-S Series 17-55mm 2.8 zoom lens, boxed. Excellent- condition $477
    Canon EF-S Series 55-250mm f/4.5=5.6 IS STM zoom lens Excellent condition $137
    Canon EF-S Series 55-250mm f-4.5-5.6 IS zoom lens Good condition $77.00

    Canon EF Series 20mm 2.8 fixed length lens, with box Excellent- condition $277
    Canon EF Series 35mm 2.0 fixed length lens Good condition $177
    Canon EF Series 50mm 2.5 compact macro lens Good condition $177
    Canon EF Series 100mm 2.0 fixed length lens Excellent condition $257

    Shipping $10 for cameras and $7.50 for the lenses either UPS, USPS or Fed Ex in the U.S.
    I've sold things on Photo dot net and a lot more on the bay under the name dongilberto w/ 242 buys and sells and 100% approval rating
    Anyone who doesn't feel that the piece of equipment you bought isn't as described just send it back and I'll refund your money no questions
    I can take PayPal payment under the id or email to make other arrangements, I'm flexible
    I'm reducing/lightening my load of camera equipment and you can be the beneficiary, good luck!
  2. Is this still available? - I am interested - do you have any recent images of the lens?

    Derek Isaacs 719-651-2771
  3. Derek,
    I don't have any pictures of the lenses currently. I just posted a picture I took with the lens a few days ago in my Pets portfolio. The picture used the Canon EF 50mm 2.5 Macro lens adapted with a Sigma MC-11 EF to Sony E adapter on a Sony a6000 camera. Click on the thumbnail and look closely to see just how sharp the lens is.

  4. Interested in this lens:
    Canon EF-S Series 17-55mm 2.8 zoom lens, boxed. Excellent- condition $477

    Have a question about it. Does the IS still work o.k.? I love the lens, but have had two of them with the common problem that the IS went out after two, and three years respectively. I like the lens enough that I'm looking for another, despite the issues. Canon charges to much to repair them, though.
  5. Yes the IS on the 17-55mm works just fine as well as everything else on the lens. It's a great lens and probably the best reason to use the APS-C cameras. I've taken a lot of great pictures with that lens. You should find a great many pictures with this lens in my portfolio on P-net. E-mail me at if you have any more questions.
  6. Few more days and this gear goes on the bay where I'm sure it will move. Doesn't seem like this site has any money or else this gear isn't what people here are looking for. It seems that the other guys selling used Canon gear here aren't having much luck either
  7. Please call me Monday 1/29/18 at my cell if this lens is still available.

    Derek Isaacs 719-651-2771
  8. A couple of things went and not too much interest in the rest so they will be going to the e bay this weekend. Sold are the G1X and the Canon 50mm Macro lens. Thanks for your interest.
  9. Sold the Canon T2i and the non STM 55-250mm lens. Just the good stuff remaining: Canon T5i, the 10-22mm, the 17-55mm and the STM version of the 55-250mm lens. Also the primes (20mm 2.8, 35mm 2.0 and the 100mm2.0) except for the Macro lens are still available. Make an offer!

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