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Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by leonachi, Sep 5, 2007.

  1. Seems like it's crazy asking a question about my D30 when the 40D is out, but
    please bear with me. I have a D30 (the original Canon DSLR) which I was very
    happy with until the main wheel (the smaller wheel near the shutter release)
    began to spin freely. Now I can't change any of the manual controls (shutter
    speed & aperture)and the camera is stuck taking pictures in Al Servo focus
    mode!Unfortunately getting it repaired doesn't make sense as I might as well
    put the money toward a new camera. But I saw that the battery grip made for
    the D30 (Canon BG ED3) has a "main dial" built in. If I could get one of these
    grips real cheap (and thats a big IF), does anyone know if I would be able to
    use the main wheel on the grip instead of the main wheel on the camera. In
    other words, would using the main wheel on the grip overcome my broken main
    wheel on the camera body?

  2. Yes, you would be able use it instead of the main dial. However, I think it may be time to put that puppy to sleep. Besides, a used 300D costs about the same as the grip, and a used 10D won't be a whole lot more.
  3. I can't see any reason why it wouldn't work.
  4. There's one going on eBay at the moment :)
  5. Sorry, link above does not work,

    try this one...
  6. KEH sells the grip from $115. Not easy to get a 300D for that money. Or they have a 10D with the grip for $546, which would give you a new camera and you could use your broken one as a backup ;-)
  7. While we're on the subject of battery grips. 20D manual shows BG-E2.
    The 5D specs BG-E4. Now I have a 20D with BG-E2. My questions are
    1. Can the E2 be used on the 5D (even though book says E4) and 2. if
    anyone has a 40D manual....will the E2 work on the 40D. I don't know what the 30D required as I don't have one. The 10D was ED-3. This
    is as bad as trying to keep up with 1-series suffix letters.
  8. Hi,

    Yes, the BG-E2 will work on the 40D (and fit the 20/30D).

    The new BG-E2N will work on 20/30/40D, but I haven't seen it available anywhere yet. The big online stores don't even list it. Apparently the only difference is improved sealing around the battery compartment, and a higher list price.

    I doubt your BG-E2 can be used on 5D. But I don't know this for absolute certain. I have BG-E2, but no 5D to test it out on.

    The 30D, 60D & 10D use the BG-ED3.
  9. Whoops!

    That last line should read:

    "The D30, D60 & 10D all use the BG-ED3."
  10. "Can the E2 be used on the 5D"
  11. If at some point you decide the D30 is no longer of any use, or you might want to try the repair yourself - this [.PDF] might be useful.

  12. Leon, I had this happen to my 5D and Canon fixed it for free (under warranty), but I recall the fix was "tightened set screw" or something simple I remember. Might be worth calling them for an estimate.

  13. Thanks guys, for the BG info

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