Canon BG-E13 Grip operation

Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by normadelewitz, Oct 13, 2021.

  1. I just got a (used but Excellent condition) Canon BG-E13 Grip for my EOS 6D. I immediately discovered that I have to put in/change batteries with the grip OFF the camera, then mount the grip on the camera. Removing/replacing battery holder with the grip ON the camera results in the camera not powering-up.

    This is happening with different battery holders, for LP-E6 and AA batteries. The same holders are not a problem on my EOS 60D (yes, the battery holders are the same with a BG-E13 and a BG-E9).

    This can't be normal, can it?
  2. Does the grip have an off switch and if so is it on?
  3. I haven't had the specific model grip that you have, but in grips made for the XTi, EOS 20D, and a few other older models, I was always able to change the battery without removing the grip. As with anything of this kind, you need to turn everything off before fooling around with any "power" thing. I found a grip useful on the smaller cameras, but too bulky (personal taste here) on the so-called full-frame models
  4. Problem solved. This camera was newly-bought from a used equipment dealer. After more playing around,the body quit powering-on no matter how I inserted things. The dealer replaced it, and the replacement body works just as it should.

    The dealer, BTW, is Roberts Camera/UsedPhotoPro. I highly recommend them.

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