Canon AE-1 Lever Broken

Discussion in 'Canon FD' started by ben_nauber, Feb 11, 2010.

  1. So, a friend of mine recently broke/lost her Canon AE-1 film advance lever. Apparently, the lever popped off and she lost it as well as a spring inside the camera. How is the best way to get this repaired and who does the best repairs? I take it Canon doesn't do AE-1s anymore.
    And, bonus question, how much would you guys estimate the damage being?
    Thanks much.
  2. Ben, I'm sure the gang over at the Canon FD forum can give you good advice on the repair. It might be a easy DIY job if you could find the parts. With the cost of used AE-1's being so low, unless this camera has special personal value, replacement of the whole camera might be cheaper than professional repair. You could then use this camera as a parts donor for future repairs.
  3. Louis is right! Check out this $20 AE-1 body (Already sold plus shipping)
    Fleabay shows "completed sales" at $20 to $35.
    Cheesy replacements rewind knobs run $12 total.
  4. thanks!

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