Canon A620 Memory Card Error

Discussion in 'Mirrorless Digital Cameras' started by pvvivek, Oct 10, 2006.

  1. Dears,

    I have Canon A620 with Kingston 1GB SD card.

    This card is originally a MMC with SD case.

    It was fine for some couple of days. But now, when I switch on the cam says
    "Memory Card Error", "Card Locked", though it is not.

    What is the problem?

    Please help.

  2. Sounds like ... maybe the problem lies with the card. You could establish this by putting the card into a card reader connected to your computer. Or try another card in the camera if you have one!

    Cheers and good luck .... I have a 620 and they are a great little camera but I always use a card reader rather than usb connection to the camera!
  3. Card reader or direct camera connection both work and i use both. The supplied Canon software will eastablish a new folder by download date each time you do it. With a card reader, create your own dated using the same format 2006_10_11. Add some titles after the date using right click-rename (2006-6-6 John`s party). You can use 2006-10-6 but the computer will not sort them in date order under my pictures. All the --- go first, then ___. Rename is the fix.

    NEVER stop a down load without completion. Look in the instruction book on how to reformat the card.

    There are ways to recover data as reformating will erase everything on the card. You should have reformatted before using the card the first time.
  4. Thanks dears.

    I use a card reader always and not used the built-in camera connection, not even once.

    Yes. I have tried another card and that card works fine. So I think the problem is in the card itself.

    By the way, does A620 face any problem with Kingston cards (Mini-SD+SD case)?
  5. Vivekanand, I also suspect that it's your Kindston card problem and not the camera. I had my A620 for half a year now and had not experienced problem you described. I also always use card reader and never once hooks the camera to computer via cable. Replace your Kingston with either a SanDisk or a Lexar card and see if problem goes away. You have a very capable camera in the A620.
  6. Actually, I am having the same problem (hence my visit to the website). I have two cards (one came with the camera and the I purchased the other). I get the same error no matter what card I put in... Did anyone ever get a conclusive answer to this issue?
  7. I'm also having the same problem. Jennifer, have you found a solution to it?

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