Canon A1 mirror lock

Discussion in 'Canon FD' started by darko|1, Dec 12, 2006.

  1. I have Canon AE-1 and I am very pleased with this camera.Mainly I am usin it
    on a street,now I am looking to purchase Canon A-1, and as it will be street
    shooter with wide angle lenses, can someone give me an simple answer, does A-1
    have mirror lock, I could not find that answer anywhere....thanks

  2. It doesn't have mirror lock up, that's probably why you couldn't find anything about it.
  3. The only FD cameras with mirror lock up are the old F-1, FTb, and EF. If you don't mind using FL cameras, the FT has MLU.
  4. It is possible to install a MLU modification on the Canon T90 (do a search online, or go to and you'll find info about it). I see on occassion someone offering to do it on ebay. I had a T90 for a couple of years with the modification and can confirm that it works as advertised, although I can't comment on the people installing them now.
  5. Thanks you all, it helps e lot...


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