Canon A-Series Broken Battery Door Problem

Discussion in 'Canon FD' started by bruce_eric, Mar 5, 2009.

  1. From what I've read on the net recently, the broken battery door problem with the Canon A-series cameras seems to be quite widespread.
    I just acquired two AE-1's (not AE-1p's) with broken doors. I thought I might try cobbling up some sort of solution, since there seems to be no replacement part on offer. However even after studying the Service Manual, I can't see how the door can be removed from the camera.
    Does anyone know how it comes off? And if someone knows of a source of replacement doors, that would also be welcome news.
    Regards, Bruce
  2. I've replaced only one myself so far, and not with great satisfaction. The design of the metal hinge pin on which the door swivels combines with the shape of the little door-opening spring in such a way that it's not too hard to take out the hinge pin with the help of tweezers, by sliding it upwards and downwards so it comes out of its pinholes. But I haven't figured out how to get it back in place correctly with the spring positioned so as to actually work, in my replacement the door doesn't really pop open on its own power, and I ended up splicing a replacement pin together from two parts with the help of part of a plastic-coated paper clip.
  3. Check eBay, several sellers sell the battery door.
  4. This really isnt a tough fix at all. I'd recommend USA Camera for the door (link in previous message). Order their modified door that doesn't require you to replace the little hair spring that Canon used. You need a good pair of small needle nose pliers, just push the hinge pin up into the camera body. Its hard to get it moving but it will go. Slide the pin up far enough so you can pivot it at an angle, slide the remnants of the old door off, slip the new door on in its place, and walla, you fixed the camera.
    I recently picked up an A1 on the Bay that was advertised as having a bad squeak and no door. Got it for $24 plus shipping. Half an hour or so to fix the (really really bad) squeak and put on the door and its now a very clean nice working A1. :)
  5. Gentlemen,
    Thank you all very much for the informative answers. With that under my belt, I think I can get those two AE-1's up and barking.
    Regards, Bruce
  6. I thought I would post a followup to let folks know how my repairs went.
    Both my AE-1's had very stuck hinge pins. My smallest needle-nosed pliers could grasp the pin but couldn't apply enough force to break it loose from whatever was holding it.
    To get around this, I first removed the door without removing the pin. I did this by using some small wire cutting pliers to cut through the "collars" that go around the hinge pin at the edges of the door. This allowed me to remove the door without moving the pin.
    Next I used a much huskier pair of thin-nosed pliers to first rotate the pin about its axis to see if I could free it. This worked and I was able to slide the pin upward and remove it in a downward direction, as expected.
    The replacement doors from US camera are a great fix for this problem, and very economical. They are not exact replicas of the Canon door and have a slightly different texture to the plastic. But you have to know what you're looking for to spot this.
    Regards, Bruce
  7. useful thread this...thanks everybody!
  8. Hello,
    do the doors for AE1 fit on A1?
  9. Yes the A1 and AE1 doors are the same

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