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  1. Rare is an overused word, but I cannot find many references to this: an adapter for Canon screw lens to canon FL lenses, from 1966.
    New in the box.
    Has anyone else seen one of these: the P adapter was common but not the A or B adapter.


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  2. I have one. It allows you to use a Leica screwmount lens on a Canon R/FL/FD SLR. Mainly used for close-up and macro work. Works well.
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  3. SCL


    I've been using a Canon B mount converter for several years allowing the use of Canon SLR lenses in a stopped down mode on my Leica rangefinder bodies (LTM or M with another LTM->M ring), as well as my 17mm Tamron Adaptall lens in a Canon FD adapter. Have to use zone focusing, but my negatives have been sharp and well exposed.
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  4. Yep, the lens mount converter B is a way to use R/FL/FD lenses on any M-series Leica. I frequently use my Canon FD lenses on my M240 using "Live View" which allows me to see the image on the screen. You use "focus peaking" to focus. A great way to keep using my old Canon breechlock lenses.
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  5. Thanks for this. This accessory seems more useful than I thought.
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  6. cmuseum

    cmuseum cmuseum

    Converter A and B can be combined with M39 extension tubes for building R/FL/FD extension tubes:


    I'd agree that Converter A and B are not found as often as Converter P but they are not exactly rare. These are all more or less recent ebay finds:


    I think the least common ones are the Converter E (Exakta) and N (Nikon), with the N version clearly being found least often and selling for the highest prices:

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  7. The Lens Mount Converter N is rare.
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  8. I had both, too and used them with extension tubes. And with an extra converter to "C" mount. I was able to use my Canon FD lenses on my 16mm movie camera.
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  9. E709CD47-A33A-4C5E-822B-4DBE30728A92.jpeg Here is the Converter B in action with the wonderful FL 19mm on my Canon P LTM rangefinder.
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