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  1. I have seen the specs on the 7D, and am curious about wireless flash control. I have a 40D, 580EXII and 430EX flashes. I occasionally use the 580 as master to fire the 430 as slave in 2-flash setups. For reasons of weight, versatility having both flashes off camera, rotating the camera to portrait and not having the flash to the side, I was considering getting the wireless flash transmitter ST-E2. Does the 7D incorporate that functionality, with the ability to set up flash groups and ratios? That would make it even more attractive to me.
  2. According to the specs the 7D can function as a Speedlite transmitter, similar to the ST-E2. The popup lacks IR AF assist so I'm guessing it pulses the popup for trigger commands so it might be really irritating compared to the near IR pulses of the ST-E2.
    The 7D PDF manual is available at CAnon USA if you care to actually read about specific functions. It looks like an amazing camera and Canon skipped a couple generations compared to their normal evolutionary update.
  3. Yes - according to Canon it will be like having an EX master flash which mean it will control 3 groups (A, B & C) with RATIOs. The only caveat is that you have to have the built-in flash in the UP position. I was hoping that wouldn't be the case but, it's not a big deal. You will also be able to shut the on-camera flash off (don't fire) just like an EX master flash.
    That's a long awaited feature, AFAIC...
  4. Puppy Face, according to dpreview the 7D has custom function to limit focus assist light to "IR only". That sure sounds like the popup flash can do IR, presumably also for remote flash control.
  5. Hmm, hopefully that is the case although I couldn't spot a IR lens on the 7D pic. It's also not mentioned in the 7D manual (p 115) in the flash menu section. The flash menu options to enable/disable popup AF assist and enable/disable Speedlite IR assist are exactly the same as my 50D and 5DII. The 7D manuals states that slaves are controlled by pulsing light from the popup. Page 91 says: "under low light conditions, when you press the shutter button halfway, the flash fires a brief series of flashes." Not sounding like IR AF assist in the popup.
    Also, nothing in the specs at the end of the manual mention IR or near IR in the popup. The camera diagram in the beginning labels the flash housing as a "built-in flash/AF assist. But, yeah, built-in near IR AF assist would be nice...
  6. Can the 430ex flash be used as a slave? I'm looking at the 7D also when it comes out and only have the one flash - the 430ex
  7. >That sure sounds like the popup flash can do IR, presumably also for remote flash control.
    It can't. The 7D manual spells out what this means. Essentially it means that external Speedlite flash units with a red AF assist (technically it's not infrared as such) will emit a beam in this setting, but if it's a 270EX or presumably a future Speedlite with "pulsing main tube for AF assist" functionality, it won't.
    >Can the 430ex flash be used as a slave?
    Yes, it can.

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