Canon 7d Video with Sd/cf adapter.

Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by ron_kurtzhals, Apr 18, 2010.

  1. I recently purchased a adapter card for my 7d so i could use some of my many sd cards. I have found that the sd card will work fine in high rate[50-60fps] low resoloution recording but will shut down and stop recording after 2-3 seconds recording in low rate 24-30fps regardless of camera settings. I this to do with needing a cf/udma card or is it due to the sd cards record speed? If speed is the reason, why will it function in the high frame rate and fail in a lower or lowest fps settings. This is just something I am trying to to so that I may be able to use some of my many sd cards.
    If the recording ability of the high speed sd cards I have is the problem, I guess I will need a collection of cf cards to take along. Im not sure what the recording speed of the sd cards I have are, but they are of highest speeds. From what I have been able to acertain, aleast 133x speed is needed to record smooth video quickly.
    This is just a little quirk I discovered while experimenting with this adapter and getting my new 7d ready to go to the races. If anyone has a mirror problem or a remedy, please respond! Thanks!
  2. This isn't going to work reliably for video, which requires precise timing and high speed data transfer. SD to CF adapters slow things down a lot. They're fine for stills, which don't need that sort of timing, though they can cause bottlenecks writing data when shooting stills at a high framerate.
  3. SD cards are a PITA so count it as blessing, move on and buy a mitt full of 8GB and 16GB CF cards to go with your expensive new toy. I find CF cards are tougher and easier to handle (especially on cold days & in the dark). The main advantage of SD cards is they make a better guitar pick than a CF card, at least after a few cold ones. The exposed contacts make for a way cool twin revive tone.
  4. I have been looking for an answer all arround the net to find out if the cf-sd adaptor will work with video shooting, and i find it amusing that everyone is asking, WHY WOULD YOU WANT TO USE SD ...
    The answer is of cause, that allmost any Mac or PC today comes with built in slot for SD card, and then you can get rid of the external card reader, at least this was my only reason to use an adaptor, so far i havent found a good enogh answer for my question, and i will now order an adaptor and a maximum speed SD card and test it my self. :)

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