Canon 7D High-speed Sync with ST-E2 Transmitter

Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by marykonchar, May 15, 2010.

  1. I have a Canon 7D, and have been having problems with holding High-speed Sync when using the Speedlight Transmitter ST-E2 with Canon 550 EX flashes. When I set High-Speed Sync, the flash will sync for a few shutter actuations, but then the ST-E2 will revert to normal sync speed. I have tried setting the ST-E2 to both “On” mode and “Hold” mode, but still get the same results. I have also tried setting the flash to High-speed Sync, but it will also default to normal sync. The 7D flash sync speed is selected to “Auto” in AV mode, and I am shooting in AV mode.
    I use the same flash set-up with my Canon 5D MKII, and I do not have the problem.
    I called Canon tech support about this issue, and they told me that everything should work fine with my set-up. They suggested that I put a new battery in the ST-E2, and if I still had the same problem to send the transmitter in for repair. Since it works just fine on my 5D II, I thought maybe someone here could offer a solution.
    Thanks, Mary
  2. The 7D flash sync speed is selected to “Auto” in AV mode, and I am shooting in AV mode.​
    If you need to select faster shutter speeds, Tv or M mode is better for high speed sync than Av. In Av mode the shutter speed is set automatically by the camera and out of your control. I've used my ST-E2 with my 7D extensively and it works fine (greatly preferred over the popup). However, I avoid high speed sync since the range is so limited.
  3. Thank your for your response.
    I don't have a problem getting faster shutter speeds in AV mode. I'm using the ST-E2 with a Canon 500mm F4, 550EX flash, and a Better Beamer. The flash is usually set to -1 2/3 stops, as I want just enough flash to give a highlight in a bird's eye. With this configuration I usually have shutter speeds up to 1/2000th second, and the flash should sync with those shutter speeds. Also, I do not have a problem getting High-speed Sync when using the flash cord instead the ST-E2, and setting High-speed Sync on the flash.
    I've been using the ST-E2 to do this for several years, and have used several Canon bodies: 3D, D60, 10D, 1D MK II, 40D, 5D, 5DII, 50D. This is the first camera that hasn't worked as expected.
  4. I've been using the ST-E2 to do this for several years, and have used several Canon bodies: 3D, D60, 10D, 1D MK II, 40D, 5D, 5DII, 50D.​
    The many fabled EOS 3D has finally materialized!
    Did you mess with the flash menu in the 7D? It's a lot more extensive than those other cameras and may need a tweak. It was a source of great befuddlement when I tested the popup trigger.
  5. Oops! I meant EOS 3 :(
  6. I was excited for a moment... I thought I slept through an entire Canon model announcement :). Mary, I don't really care for the ST-E2, so I never bought one, but if it helps any, I have not had any HS flash related problems with the 7D and 580EX strobes of various vintage to date, including the attempt to duplicate your issue (only using strobes) this evening. Perhaps the 7D presents a unique situation to the ST-E2, and the suggestion of trying a fresh battery by the Canon folks really is the answer to the problem. I have seen strange gear-to-gear relationships before, and I would give it a try before moving forward.
  7. I'll try a new battery to see if that is indeed the problem.
  8. Update:
    I replaced the battery in the ST-E2 Transmitter, and I still had the same result; High-speed Sync still dropped out after a few minutes. I also tried using my other 550 EX flash, again with the same result.
    So I called Canon tech support and spent about an hour on the phone with them. They set up a 7D just like I have mine set up, and were able to hold High-Speed Sync with their ST-E2 Transmitter and both the 550 EX and 580 EXII flashes. Their conclusion is that there is some sort of problem with my 7D body, and they recommend that I send it to them for repair. Since the ST-E2 Transmitter works fine with my 5DII, they said that there is no need to send it along, although they gave me the option to send it as well, and I probably will.
    Thanks to all, Mary.
  9. I know that the 7D pop up flash can be used as a wireless master. Why are you using the ST-E2 as the master? I thought the 7D could control 3 groups while the ST-E2 can only control 2. Also, can't you set the pop-up flash as a non-firing master so that it doesn't affect the exposure? Just curious...
  10. The 7D pop up flash can be used as a wireless master, but does not offer the High-speed Sync or Second Curtain Sync functions.
  11. That's great news, Mary. Most of the issues I have encountered that required Canon service over the years have been my own fault from the get-go (I have had more bad camera encounters with gravity than I care to recall), but it has been my experience that if the service crew is up to speed about the details of the issue at hand, they do a fantastic job of stomping the bug, as well as tweaking the gear to spec in a general sense.

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