Canon 5D used price?

Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by jerry plunk, Dec 29, 2008.

  1. Other than our classifieds, where would a good resource be for accurately pricing a used Canon 5D be? Thanks for any input.
  2. You can search e*ay for auctions that alraedy ended.
    I recently bought a used 5D and watched the price for a while ... I got mine for slightly more than 900euros. ... US prices may be different. B&H might be a good source as well.
  3. thanks Rainer. i'll do that. forgot that bh has used items too. thank you.
  4. When trying to get a ball park used price, I always go to KEH first, then figure some type of discount off that for buying frpm private party. I figure 75 % of KEH price is a fair deal.
  5. excellent. thanks to both of you.
  6. Closing prices on eBay in the last couple of days have been around $1,100.
  7. "Closing prices on eBay in the last couple of days have been around $1,100."
    Wow. If those are legitimate and for cameras in good shape that is a tremendous value.
  8. I just got the 5D mkII, so I just sold mine to a friend for $1200 (battery grip included).
  9. Jerry, dont know where you are, nothing in your bio, so I will assume dollars, $1500 for one in very good low click condition and as low as $1000 from some one that wants to move one fast.
  10. thanks again. i'm in TN and that sounds about what i'm seeing everywhere....$1000-$1500. excellent info from everyone.
    i'm actually about to purchase a 5DM2 for our studio and retire the 5D. i'm the only one that has used the 5D since it was bought new so i know what it's been through as well. hopefully, our CFO will sell it to me personally for somewhere in the 11-1200 range.
  11. You could also talk your CFO down a bit since if the company was to sell it they would likely simply turn it into a dealer like keh who give what? 50% of selling price? You might email keh and ask for a quote for turning one in. Heck, ask where you are buying the 5DII from for a quote.
  12. another excellent bit of info, John. thanks. i was wondering how that keh worked. more than likely we will be going through a local dealer in memphis, tn where we got our 5d. i will ask them for sure about a quote.
    thanks again everyone! i'm feeling pretty good about this ;)

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