Canon 5D shutter Problems

Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by clark_roberts, Nov 28, 2017.

  1. Canon's seem to block that, I tried down loading a picture on one of the websites and came up blank,
    plus I mailed the camera back today to the seller.
  2. Just a update on my 5D, I sent it back and received a refund from ebay, then I went on and for a few
    dollars more I purchased a like new 5D, not a mark on it and all the shutter speeds work.
  3. That is good news. :)
  4. Yes I think I got lucky this time.
  5. paul ron

    paul ron NYC

    try finding its shutter actuation count? that may be in tye system menues or on canon site, there may be instructions how to find it.

    the shutters are rated for shutter actuations... like car mileage, they reach an end of life... its expected to die. replacement shutters can cost a few hundred bucks.
  6. $350.00 OUCH! Shutters fail and I'd rather buy a newer body if you can afford it rather than repair an older body. I sold my 5D to fund the purchase of my 6D and the 6D is so much better in every respect.
  7. You know, I have a 1966 Canon FTQL 35mm SLR and the shutter still works. In comparison, the Canon 5D is a new camera. WT# Canon?o_O
  8. As well as I know, $350 is close to the price for used 5Ds, but that is with well used shutters.

    If you replace the shutter for $350, it should have a good life left in it.
  9. UNFAIR....

    comparing apples and oranges...and i have a Leica iii from WW2 and a Voightlander folding MF from the 20´s..1920´s that is... with a perfectly functional shutter.
    also with free digital images, and spray shooting, your canon has probably seen less actual shutter use than a week or two of pro use with a digital camera.....i know some photographers who do over 300K actuation per year.

    i also still have, somewhere, a like new EOS 5/AE2 and an EOS 500/XS, as well as an old Canon AE1 and an FT-QL....all of which, combined, have seen, i am rather sure, fewer actuations than my latest, months old digital camera.....

    So, yes while your quip about better old build quality vs new is generally this case, the way cameras are used has changed with digital picture taking.

    in his lifetime Ansel Adams has probably taken fewer pictures that the average teen with a cell phone.
  10. NB:

    well to be fair, given how he would take pics, a 1990´s teen with a 35mm film camera would have probably taken more pics than him in his lifetime...

    in the analog age, apart from a few frenzied fashion shooters, or foaming at the mouth sport´s shooters who would take hundreds of pics a day...most photographers, even amongst pros, took a lot fewer pics than the average snapshot, selfies, Instagram modern shooter...

    though it is another debate as to determine what constitutes "pictures". In photography, the 10K rule of professional mastery doesn´t apply anymore. well, maybe 10k hours of photography still apply, but certainly not 10K pics taken anymore.
  11. William Michael

    William Michael Moderator Staff Member

    By the way, just on this point:

    I don't think anyone has cracked a program to reveal the Shutter Count for an EOS 5D and I'd be interested if someone has.
    Paying for the service by Canon may still be an option, but, in my opinion, probably not worth spending the money.

  12. paul ron

    paul ron NYC

    hahahaha mechanicals kick the lammas ass!
    electronic toys... yeah wt%

    although, i have a canon 20d with 200,000 miles and still on the road.

    but then my Avus is 100 years old working like new!

    will there be such a thing as antique digital cameras?
  13. It would just be nice if the shutters would not wear out, ever. Make it out of a material that does not wear out. Just seems wrong the shutter should fail before the electronics. It is not like engineering a better shutter is beyond our technological capability.Imagine if other devices could only do 300,000 actuation or cycles, a car engine for example. Sorry that new car engine will last 60 seconds idling at 5000 RPM.

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