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  1. I picked up a little while ago a used Canon 5D and it seems the top three shutter speeds
    does not work, I tried with and without a lens it seems 5000, 6400 and 8000 are pretty much
    done for. So is my shutter going and it needs a adjustment, would anyone know what the

    Thank You
  2. Just to clarify, do you mean 1/5000 sec 1/6400 sec and 1/8000 sec can't be selected or when selected and when pressing the shutter button, nothing happens? And you are not talking about ISO . Does this happen in all modes, manual, shutter priority, aperture priority...
    I don't have the original 5D but I have read of a similar complaint not just on the 5D but also other models.
    Things to possibly check, is the lock button on.
    Do you have a menu setting selected causing this or accidently . Max/Min setting for shutter speed or ISO.
    You could go into the menu and reset the camera, erasing any custom settings.
    Remove battery and wait 30 seconds.

    I once had a memory card go bad and it caused my 6D to lock up. You could try a spare card.
    Is the battery good and fully charged and this still happens.

    I would think if the shutter is going or went it would not work at any setting. I have owned 5 different Canon ESO models but never experienced a shutter fail. So I can't say if there are pre failure symptoms.

    I do recall hearing the original 5D had a recall on mirrors coming loose. There have been people fix that themselves. Saw it on YouTube.

    Good luck.
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  3. Hi mark,
    Yes it's the shutter speeds the three top shutter speeds 1/5000 sec, 1/6400 sec and 1/8000 sec. when I select them either in manual,
    aperture or shutter priority modes and I take a picture the image is black, so when I lower the shutter speed down to 1/4000 sec the picture
    could be taken. I'll go thru the camera and settings and see what you recommended to see if it works.
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  4. I reset the camera and no go, batteries are all recharged, changed card still there.
  5. Have you tried locking up the mirror and observing (down the throat) the action of the shutter when those speeds are selected?

    It's possible a mirror fault could be causing the same symptom (by virtue of it being slightly out of sync), but it's likely that the shutter is just dying...
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  6. If it is clicking, trying to take the picture and you get black, maybe the curtain is out of sync with the sensor or other anomalies. Also to clarify, this has nothing to do with using flash and high-speed sync, correct?. It may be a shutter issue. Maybe someone else here has more experience with this issue. Curious, does it work in Live View mode?
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  7. If this is a 5D classic it won't have Live Mode. :( I wonder if reloading the firmware might help.
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  8. I called a camera repair place today and they said it's the shutter or out of synch second blades. I was
    told they might be able to adjust them but in the end it would be better with a new shutter which I would
    have to get on my own and they would install for $180.00 dollars
  9. Replace shutter would be best way to fix it. Sounds like a good deal on repair for part and labor.
  10. Camera value $300 (going rate for replacement beaters on ebay)? Repair work $180 spare part cost not known yet.
    Please pardon my ignorance, but I neither know what your 5D is supposed to do nor how shutter decay will progress. - Right now I think yours does everything up to 1/4000sec, so I'd shoot it at 1/2000 and below and observe if things will get worse.
    I'd probably buy a 5D to shoot products and stuff in a studio or as a 2nd body in broad daylight but wouldn't be eager to try wide open portraiture with it. Thats why I see little need for fastest shutter speeds.
    If you are hooked by it for some CCD-magic as main reason and get along with your 85/1.2 pretty well, things are different. If I had $300, standing in your shoes, I'd prolly buy another body and color code the current one to make sure I'll use it for things it is still doing.
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  11. I agree with what you say, for now that's what I would do 1/2000 of a sec maybe a little above that. I was thinking of replacing the
    shutter myself but it a lot of taking the camera apart. I just fixed a 24mm f/1.4 L lens, it needed a new motor and I put that in and this
    lens turns out to be one of the best lenses I have, stunning.
  12. Here is a link to someone doing it themselves. Looks like a lot of screws and parts to take apart and remember how to put it back together correctly.
  13. It's a lot of screws, I just called a place to repair it and they quoted me about $350.00 to get it done, Yikes!.
  14. Oh I know, might as well get another one.
  15. paul ron

    paul ron NYC

    just dont use those speeds anymore and shoot slower iso.

    i dont think ive ever used such fast shutter speeds.. ever.
  16. I opened a case file with ebay, to see if they could do anything for me, I'll wait and see. Your right if I stay below 1/4000 sec I'm good,
    I wonder how long this shutter will last?
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  17. I think I would not worry about it, and not use those shutter speeds.

    You needs to be a little careful in P mode, not to set a high ISO value, and force the high speed.

    As far as I know, I have never needed them with any of my cameras, and might not even know that they work.
  18. Thanks, but I opened the case and it seems ebay sided with me so I could return it, I'm going to look
    for one in nicer shape. will just have to look a bit harder at them. I'm just concerned that the shutter
    might get worse and I'll be out shooting and that's it.
  19. paul ron

    paul ron NYC

    OOOOoooohhhh a recent purchase form flea bay....SEND IT BACK!

    When shopping for digital cameras, ask how many shutter actuation s it has. there is a counter built into the cameras and with some menu selection it will give you that information.

    Some cameras need some sort of software to access that info.

    Each manufaturer has a spec on the expected life of the shutter... contact them to find out what the specs are.
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