Canon 5D MKIV Memory Card Size Limit?

Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by Mark Keefer, Mar 3, 2022.

  1. Does the Canon 5D MKIV have a memory card size limit?

    I saw 400 GB SanDisk SD Extreme SD cards at one of the local stores for about $45.

    That might come in handy sometime, even though I can't remember ever filling my 128 Gig Card.

    So I tried looking it up and found a memory card compatibility website that said the 5D MK IV is compatible with 16 32 64 and 128 Gig cards. Not sure if this is just an old quote made before these bigger cards were available?

    Has anyone tried these big SD Cards?
  2. Email Canon about the issue and share their response?
    Sorry, I'd be shopping for giant CF cards, if at all, writing just JPEGs to SD.
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  3. I haven't with my 5D IV--I rarely shoot video, so I almost never come close to filling up my 64GB cards before I upload and back up my images. I'm guessing that 400 GB CF cards didn't exist when Canon wrote the specs for the 5D IV some years ago. However, the site you found appears to be wrong. The 5D IV manual includes this on p. 74: "CF cards exceeing 128 GB and SDXC cards witll be formatted in exFAT" [as opposed to FAT]. I have no idea whether my card reader and computer can handle xFAT.

    I agree with Jochen--if I had any use for cards that big, I'd write Canon first.
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