Canon 5D Mark II - Shopping in Kuala Lumpur / Malaysia

Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by jacob steiger, Jan 3, 2010.

  1. hey folks - maybe somebody have an advice, where to shop camera gear (5D II + 2 lenses) in kuala lumpur?
    thank you & always good light
  2. Dear Jacob
    You may try YL Camera at Pudu Plaza. (Near Berjaya Time Square)
    Best Regards
  3. thanks davors - are they official canon traders or in other words: can you trust them? am working soon in sumatra & my rz is unfortunately to heavy / to slow to do the job with her.
    what do you guess: how much is it for a 5D II + 24-70 2.8?
  4. Dear Jacob
    I replied in email.
    Please check.
  5. Jacob if you are going through Singapore on the way then you will get a better deal there.
  6. i know scott, but ´am landing directly in kl :( and hong kong aswell is still far away..
    but nevertheless, should save around 15% in comparison to berlin..
  7. Jacob,
    How long are you in KL? The trip down to Singapore is not that far. You obviously know that HK is the best place but you would have to fly to get there, Singapore is an overnight bus and costs next to nothing.
    Have fun in Sumatra, Scott.
  8. Jacob
    What Scott mentioned is correct.
    You have your options. :)
  9. sbp


    If you can go in the other direction, Fotofile at the MBK Mall (4th floor shop) in Bangkok has much better prices than in Singapore. They stock virtually every body and lens that Canon makes, have a friendly and knowledgeable staff, and items all come with full Canon warranty. Highly recommended.
    good luck...
  10. Steve,
    Got to disagree on that one. Last time I did all the research HK was the best, then Singapore, then KL then BKK, I lived in Thailand for a while and the import duties on luxury goods was phenomenal, so 5D's and L lenses as well as Apple laptops etc are hammered. You can get lots of stuff cheaper in BKK than anywhere, Acer netbooks etc but not 5D MkII's and L lenses.
    And yes I have been to them all, even looked at the 24-105 when it came out in MBK.
  11. The price in KL is not cheap. If you are staying in KL for few days, just buy a bus ticket (I think less than USD35 for single from Pudu Raya KL and stop at Golden Mile complex) to Singapore, just ~ 5 hours trip (you can plan a day trip with late night bus) and I would suggest:
    1) The Camera Workshop at the 3 Coleman St #01-31, Peninsular Shopping Complex Singapore 179804, near City Hall MRT station
    2) MS colour: , near Ang Mo Kio MRT station.
    3) Cathay photo: , (also near City Hall MRT Station).
    I bought some camera and lenses with them before, and they offered reasonable prices with good services. You can get a quote from them first. Good luck anyway.
    P/S: try to avoid Lucky Plaza at Orchard Road.
  12. sbp


    To each his own. Over the last two years, I have purchased 1 series bodies and L glass at Fotofile, and the prices were the same as B&H (where i buy when in NYC). If their prices are now higher than Singapore, things have changed since my last visit to both cities, about 6 months ago.
    Anyway, it was just my two cents. OP can decide for himself....
  13. Steve,
    Not picking a fight, if that is your experience then things have changed, thanks for the heads up.
  14. sbp


    No worries, Scott. No fights on forums....
  15. If you ever fly via Canada or visit canada for holidays,you can try Future shop or best buy for computers and cameras,they are 100 percent authorised dealers..i got both my xti and sony 200k from FS and compared with KLCC sony authorised dealer ..canada is still cheaper even when you add in all the taxes..But that was last apr 08..maybe things have changed...
    I do not know of BKK but since you mentioned KL,that's what i know.There are some local response on this thread,so,maybe you can contact them directly..People in that city knows the best info.
    Good luck
  16. thanks guys - heaps of information. the thing is, that all in all i have 3 days in kl, therefore a trip to singapore would be a hassle. well, it depends - if it´s worth to travel for a real price advantage, then a combination of a landscape & shopping-tour, although it is stress, would be fun. the thing is, it´s not easy & certain, to consider how big the price-gap between kl vs. singapore will be. any hints would be great..
  17. I just bought a 7D at FotoFlash in the Gardens part of Megamall (if you are staying near KLCC). I paid less than I would have at B&H in NYC. Just be very sure you confirm the extra charges for using a credit card before you agree to a final price. This is the second camera I have bought from them, both times a very positive experience.
    My experience in Singapore has not been as positive as others, and I would hesitate to make a trip there without a confirmed price from a reputable camera store. True, it was inkjet paper I was buying, but the experience has made me wary.
  18. You may go to Canon Pro Shop in Berjaya Times Square in Pudu and ask for Mr Wong. They are Canon Pro Centre and their prices are very reasonable. They only carry Canon products. I got my Canon 5DMKII there too.
    Alex Foong
  19. Would it be possible to tell what is reasonable price of 5D mk II in, let's say Singapore?
  20. I can't endorse Robert Tan's recommendation of Future Shop/Best Buy Canada as a good place to buy anything photographic.
    You can buy a Canon body for at least the same price and usually better at any local canon camera dealer, plus you will get decent service by people who actually know the product. The sales staff I have come across in FS/BB know very little about DSLR's.
    The lenses at FF/BB are even more expensive than rip-off Henry's.
    My most recent buys have been online from McBain Camera and the Camera Store from Calgary and Edmonton respectively as there is no provincial tax in Alberta saving 8% over Ontario.
    I've bought my last two body's from my local camera store for service reasons.
    This is a good site for Canadian and US prices aimed at the Canadian buyer;
    B&H are a site I've used frequently via my in-laws in Florida, free shipping (usually) and no taxes. Bargain for lenses, flashes etc compared to Canadian prices.
  21. >> Chris Clarke,
    Yes you are right and i must admit i do not know much of the places you mention.I do most of my research online and once i know what brand and model,i just keep an eye out for the right time and place to buy it.I tend to focus on FS actually cos BB are a bit more expensive.It's a matter of patience.The nice thing is I have 2 weeks,i think,to test it out really well,read the manual and see if it fits my expectations of user friendliness and i want to know it's weakness from my own personal expectations.What some people and online/magazines advice may not tally with my personal needs and so ,it all boils down to choice.
    I did try Blacks and Henrys a few times but being 1 on 1 and wanting to try it at the shop still give me the creeps.The best thing is when the cashier and sales assistant smile at me and say that if i am not happy,i can return it and have my money refunded (no hassles !) without paying a restocking fee and whatever hidden charges they might incur to deter returns.I did mention a sour face too?
    That,to me, personally, allay all my buying apprehension :)
    Have a nice day
  22. Robert, where abouts are you In Canada? I'm in Burlington, On and I use Duncan & Wright. Great service, both owners are pro-photographers and they are very easy going on exchanges etc.
    There are still a lot of good specialist photography stores in the GTA. The Alberta route for lenses has served me well and customer service at both McBain's and the Camera Store has been very good. I definitely would not buy a lens from FS.
    A quick example. FS are selling the Canon 24-105 lens in store and on-line for $1559 plus taxes which is $1802 in total.
    The Camera Store in Edmonton charges, taxes and shipping included, $1364.
    That's a big difference.
  23. >>Chris,
    I am in Richmond Hill,Ont..and you are a gold mine of knowledge.
    I have an old canon 75-300mm that i bought 16 yrs ago and since my canon eos 1000 died a few years ago ( the foam padding in the shutter housing decomposed into tar..) i switched to the xti and it is fine.I did try the special shops that you recommended..Henry and Blacks was around my area but i wanted to touch and see how it works and the nearest FS had a display and even offered to put in the CF card for me..Henry's n Black's staff was a bit pushy and i feel i had to buy from them or else they might be sour.Getting the camera off the display was a so-so but at FS,you could play with it since it was stuck on with a security cable and with the battery and card inside,i could test the performance with my own tele-lens installed.
    There was a sale for C$450 and it was a good buy for me.Good performance.
    With the sony a200 ,i could reach iso 3200 and it was great to take great sunsets in KL.The sunset feature is sensitive to low light,gives warm tones.It has IS built i have 2 now..I guess i got special treatment for buying the sony 300 mm telelens from them too.Also on special offer.
    Later on,there was a special offer for the grip and camera bag plus battery for Canon.Yup,i was hooked onto it.
    Then i got the camera bag for my sony...i did not need it but it comes with a battery..yup,got it too.
    Well,no more buying for me now...
    All in all,i know what i wanted and what i was willing to pay.It is a matter of patience,i suppose.That's the way life is.I am a newbie so it is no biggie if i miss it.
    Nice knowing you and the other guys in this forum.
  24. Robert, looks like you did well out of FS.
    Re Henry's & Blacks, they are just big chains stores and my experiences at both have never been good.
    I pop into the Henry's in Oakville sometimes to look at bags (the search for the prefect bag is endless!) and I cringe at the 'advice' the sales guys give to the uneducated customers unfortunate enough to walk into that store.
    I mean the independent stores, in my city it's Burlington Camera and Duncan & Wright that get my business.
    Nice chatting!
  25. Hi Chris,
    No problem.I think sometimes patience is needed.If i don't get it,then,it is not the right time.One more thing about camera cases..I bought one from S'pore almost 20 yrs ago and it has still been with can take in 300mm telelens or standard 50mm lens.I have been looking for one in Toronto but no success.Last year,i went back to KL..Bukit Bintang and visited at least 3 plazas and about 20 shops...showed them what i have and it seems they don't make them anymore..a real pity.
    Same with S'pore..even chinatown,famous for can't get it there too.
    So,if you guys ever go SEA or HK..look for one and if it cost C$10,get it!
    Good luck!
  26. Anybody knows what a 5D Mk II will cost in singapore now? and which shop is the best to go to? Thanks!
  27. low price about Canon 5D mark II body only

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