Canon 5D Mark 1 - A decent upgrade from a 450D??

Discussion in 'Beginner Questions' started by benjamin_lea, Aug 6, 2010.

  1. I am currentlly shooting with a Canon 450D and I feel I have outgrown it and I am looking for an upgrade.
    I want to go full frame and I have been looking at the Canon 5D Mark 1. I have found one that I dont think I should pass up. It was brought as a backup and has taken less then 500 shots so it's pretty much brand new. It's on ebay and I'm taking a guess that it will pass for somewhere near $1300 Aud maybe more.
    I'm happy to spend that I just want to know what other think and if anyone is actually using a Marl 1 what their thoughts are.
    Here are why I would like to upgrade:
    - I dont like the 1.6 crop body
    - I dislike my Canon 450D view finder
    - I want a bigger heavier body
    - I dislike the screen
    - I want something more pro
    Why I think the Canon 5D Mark 1 will be a good choice:
    - Full frame
    - I can buy lens like the 100m F2.8 macro that I want and shoot at 100mm not 160mm!
    - Bigger body
    - Does have a smaller screen I would have to learn to live with that
    - I like the scroll wheel
    I would like any feedback available and I am open to any suggestions. I did look at the 7D and 5D Mark 2 but I dont want a crop body so the 7D is out and I dont want to spend $2500 on a Mark 2
    Thanks guys!
  2. A 5D is a great camera, you can get fantastic results from it and it's a reasonably affordable way to get into full frame.
    With Ebay, make sure the seller seems good and makes specific, verifiable statements in the listing text. E.g., if he says 500 shots, that's something you can verify yourself - make sure it also contains specific statements about the item condition and how well it works. This way, if (and this doesn't happen as often as a lot of people would have you believe, but it's best to be a bit paranoid) the seller is trying to pass off an item in inferior condition, you have specifics to point to when making your Paypal claim and it will be easy to get a refund.
  3. The seller has listed the camera 1000% detail. I was surprised to see how much detail was included.
    The seller also has over 500 feedback so I'm confident I am making a good choice.
    I was more concerned as to if the 5D would be an upgrade from my 450D although I dont think that even needs to be asked lol?
  4. It's more than a "decent" upgrade, Benjamin, but too bad you can't spring for the Mark II.
  5. Yeah I know, I jsut cant justify it yet. I would prefer to drop 1k on a 70-200 f2.8 IS instead..
    Seeing as though this one is 'brand new' I think I'll follow through with it then. I was concerned about having to get an older camera serviced etc.. But I wont need to worry about that with such a new body
  6. I dislike the screen​
    I hope you won't be surprised when you discover that the 5D has a smaller screen, and that the more 'modern' 450D back screen has arguably better visibility. And talking about back screen, of course the older 5D has no Live View. Apart from that I don't see any disadvantages at all in moving up to the 5D.
  7. Yeah I know the screen is smaller, it has the same res though, well then checking on DP.
    I hope it was a good move because I just sold my 450D for $500 so I am now currently camera less!
  8. You got a good deal, getting $500 for your camera. If you ever decide you made the wrong decision you can buy a refurb 450D/XSi for less than you got! But aside from the older LCD, I don't think you'd be going wrong moving to a 5D. Despite being a few years old it's a very good camera. 1/8000 shutter, good quality up to ISO 3200, very good color, not too aggressive on the megapixels - despite being a Nikon user I like that camera.
  9. I have a 5D and a 400d. The high ISO performance of the 5D is significantly better. I use 3200 in dark swimming meets in indoor pools a lot. Buy a 5d with a serial number that starts with 2 or later as there were some changes to the LCD in the 2 series. The LCDs purportedly had a greenish cast on the early models The viewfinder burns out in bright light. It is surprising to me that the low ISO image quality of the 400D is very close particularly when using my 100-400L. I was using both yesterday. The small LCD does not bother me. However, I like to use two bodies on occasion with the long lens on the 400d. The 24-105 f4L IS is a great general use lens for the 5D. I get superb large prints from the 5D and the color is great. In some ways the XTi is more advanced that the 5d. Being a long time Canon user, I dislike the ergonomics of the 400d and really like the thumb wheel on the 5D. 1300 dollars is within 300 or 400 of the 7D. Unless you do a lot of high ISO work or make very large blowups or have all full frame lenses it may be tempting to go to the 7d. I do like my 5D a lot, however.
  10. I think it's a great idea, although I really don't understand your point about a 100mm being "real" on a 5D. If that's the field of view you want on your APS-C body, you just use a 60mm lens. It's just as real, and you don't need to worry about converting (1.6X) focal lengths unless you have years of 35mm film work behind you and are challenged by what focal lengths mean on a smaller sensor.
    I've got a 5D (which I got used), a 20D and an XTi (400D). I shoot all of them. Each has its place and utility. There's no lighter and less obtrusive kit than a 400D and a prime lens, for example.
    The main advantage of the 5D over your old camera is the more sophisticated control system, but of course that is also on the xxD and the newer 7D cameras. The 7D is a very fine camera and a lot of people who were thinking about going to the 35mm sensor (aka "full frame") have stayed with the APS-C sensor size because of it. The 7D also has live-view and video, BTW.
  11. There are some lens I really want to get, the 100mm Macro f2.8 is the next lens on my list however if I throw that on a croped 1.6 body I'd have a very long 160mm lens which I dont want.
    I just see using a FF would be better - The 7D is amazing but I am not keen on the crop.
    It's nice to see people are still using 5D's and that its considered a good upgrade.

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