Canon 5D does it have live view?

Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by gary_conrad|1, Feb 12, 2009.

  1. My over 50 eyes aint what they used to be. I am a Canon 5D user and need to know if it has the live view option. If not do those of you that have cameras that have live view use it a great deal?
  2. No it doesn't, the Mk II does, I rarely use live view, I am sure some people use it a lot.
  3. The 5Dmk2 and 40d/50d all have live view. I only use it for precise focusing for landscape, night and macro photography. As a day to day feature, it's pretty useless.
  4. I'm sure you would use it for and weird angles and for making low to the gound shots.
  5. Ross, I've only used it once, and I couldn't have gotten the shot without it. I wanted to photograph a very shy little girl. Everytime I held up my camera, she covered her face. I just switched to live view and "fiddled with my camera" for a little while, all the while getting great shots of her for her family.
  6. Okay, I'm over 50 but find adjusting the diopter yields a sharp view in the wonderful 5D viewfinder. If you need more adjustment than that, you can buy an accessory diopter to extend the adjustment range to fit your eyes.
    I have LV on my 50D and find it harder to see clearly than the VF. In order for my eyes to focus properly I must hold the camera at arm's length, making for a small view. So I wouldn't use it unless I had to lay on the ground or shoot over my head.
  7. It's on my 50D, I turned it off as soon as I got it. Don't need it, but it would come in handy for me only in trying to shoot in a crowd (over my head).
  8. Never used it, but maybe it has a use in helping obtaining focus at very wide apertures....?
  9. Short answer: no.
    For me live view is hind pockets on a boar. I hated it on a Powershot I had, much less on a real camera. I even turn off the review altogether on my cameras. If I want to look, it's easy to hit the play button. Battery lasts longer too.
  10. Sarah, thats a good use for LV, had not thought of that one.

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