Canon 5D and 40D - What LCD Protector?

Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by flying_tiger, May 1, 2008.

  1. What LCD protectors do you use for your 5D(2.5") and 40D(3")? I didn't find
    any Canon-made ones at B&H? Please share your experience. Thanks.
  2. zml


    None - you don't need one. The LCD cover (part separate from the LCD screen proper) costs $15 or so from Canon and can be replaced if necessary in 5 minutes using but a small screwdriver.
  3. Michael..I have a 40D and I do not see any screw heads on the screen. Are you saying it needs to be prised off by slipping a screwdriver down the side? Some DSLR's come with a clip on plastic cover, but my 40D did not..
  4. zml


    You need to pop it up from the side - instructions are included with the part. CANON PARTS CENTER: (732) 521-7230
  5. I also vote for "None."
  6. I have NEVER used an LCD protector...because there is one already built-in!
  7. If you only want to protect from scratch, just buy good quality transparent sticker, like those protect PDA screen. They are cheap to replace. Am I misunderstood?
  8. Don't need one. After 2.5 years of heavy use, there are no noticeable scratches on my 5D's screen. If there were, as noted above, the replacement part is cheap and easy to install.
  9. I use invisible shield on all my cameras - tough as nails.
  10. I personally like the Hoodman type cover, since it not only keeps the screen "protected", but more importantly keeps the lcd from flashing brightly at me, especially in the dark.
  11. "What LCD protectors do you use...?"

    Just my various camera bags, other than that common sense and no kids near the cameras.
  12. none
    The covers just get in the way of holding the camera to your eye. The PDA type covers make the LCD's hard to read, or develop air pockets.

    I have used the 5D since it came out. The LCD is a bit scuffed, but still OK to read. You can replace the LCD cover for about $30 anyway. It is user replaceable.
  13. Another vote for none needed. I use two 5Ds professionally and bang 'em around constantly.
    There's no damage whatsoever to either display screen on either camera.
  14. I like the peace of mind of a good protector, regardless that Canon sells a replacement. All it
    takes is one slip to get a nice gouge on the screen. I also prefer to have a hard scratch
    resistant surface as opposed to the included Canon cover. For at what point do you finally
    replace a scratched up LCD; who wants to have to view through this until which time you are
    moved to have it replaced? To those who haven't gotten scratches, consider those insurance
    executives who calculate risk - just give it some time. If and when I decide to sell the camera,
    I won't have to mention that the LCD is scratched up, or scurry to obtain and install an
    expensive Canon replacement cover.
  15. I'll vote for none too. My 20D which is 3+ years old still has an undamaged screen.
  16. None. after 2.5 years the only scratch on my lcd was kindly put there by Canon's service center.
  17. I also prefer to have a hard scratch resistant surface as opposed to the included Canon cover.
    The stock screen is hard and scratch resistant.
  18. On my 5D I fitted a heavy stick on type to the LCB screen cover - worth it for me as I often wear a zipped jacket the can rub the back of the camera and - note to Ken P - I encourage my children to use my cameras. I have just bought some cheap stick ons for my 40D too. Only pennies these days so why not fit one?
  19. quote: "or at what point do you finally replace a scratched up LCD;"

    One could just as well as "At what point to you finally replaced a scratched-up LCD Protector".

    My two year old 5D has no noticeable scratches on the factory-fitted LCD covers, and I'm careful with it but don't baby it. Put me down as +1 for no cover needed.
  21. Real men don?t use screen protectors. Nor UV filters. They walk a tightrope without a net;
    dispense with prophylactics and generally live life on the edge.
  22. That's why they get scratched panels and gonorrhea.
  23. Thanks all for your feedbacks. I'll give the invisible shield a try and see how it fits.

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