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  1. Hello Everyone!
    I am in a very sticky situation here. I just upgraded to a 50D. My prior camera is a Canon Rebel XS. I have been playing with my new camera trying to adjust and I am having trouble trying to get my images to look like those my XS was taking. You would think a more expensive camera would do a little better job right? I LOVE how my XS works but I wanted to upgrade my body for something less amateur. So I bought the 50D. I am wondering if I just went way ahead of myself by buying the 50D? So my question is would it be bad idea to switch my camera to a Canon T2i. I read reviews and it seems to be a GREAT camera. Even better than the 50D. But it's settings and built is more like my XS? I like the fact that my 50D is bigger and looks more "professional" but maybe I am just not prepared for it yet? Can you guys please let me know if I am making a good choice in getting the T2i instead or should I keep on trying with my 50D? Maybe other suggestions in bodies?
    Thanks so much for your time and attention in advance! :)
  2. If you stick with the 50D, I think that in the long run you'll come to prefer its control system to that of the "Rebels". However, there's no denying that you have been imprinted on the Rebel system, so at first the more extensive system will seem awkward.
    Depending on what modes you are using to shoot, the images on the 50D may well have less "zap" than the Rebel. Most people consider that the Rebels (and certain other whole brands of camera) are a little too "poppy". Sort of the way people will prefer a hamburger with lots of sugar in it when they are not told it is sugared.
    You can go into the settings and parameters and make the 50D 'zippier,' but look at the colors more critically, and see if you don't think the slightly more muted tones are actually closer to nature. Contrast and saturation are not innate qualities of the pictures you take so much as they are variables you can manipulate for the results you personally prefer.
    Questions like which color space you're using and whether you're shooting RAW or not are also things that can make differences in perceived image character.
  3. I prefer the Rebels as I have less camera shake associated with the shutter button with them than with the XXD series. The Rebels are smaller and your hands will fit around them in a different way than a larger XXD style camera. If you compare both cameras on tripods shooting RAW the 50D should be better, but if you are shooting handheld ergonomics could be a factor.
    I would be very happy if they came out with a metal-framed Rebel with the back wheel and weather sealing, but I don't expect one any time soon.
  4. Are you shooting RAW or JPG?
    I would be willing to bet the XS processes the images a little sharper than does the 50D by default. As an example, I use a 40D and my son uses an XTi. We both shoot RAW. On a recent trip we both downloaded photos to a laptop and checked using Canon's DPP. Both cameras are 10 megapixels. When viewing his pictures the 'default' sharpness is set at 7. Mine is set at 4. If I change it in DPP to 7, the sharpness is the same.
    I guess what I am saying is your post processing with the 50D likely needs some adjustment with sharpening, whereas the XS does not need it. I have no doubt that once the parameters are set to produce a sharper image for the 50D, they will be at least as sharp as the XS.
  5. I completely agree with JDM; the 50D may seem foreign right now, but that's because its new. Anything new always takes some getting used to, but after you master the 50D controls you'll wonder how you ever made it with a Rebel. The controls of the 50D are very user friendly and easy to navigate. You'll be zipping through the menus in no time. The controls of the Rebels are, well, the only way I can put it is "clumsy." I doubt you'll see much difference in IQ between the 50D and T2i. The only thing that should weigh anything in the decision is the HD video capability that the T2i has. For me, I buy a camera to take photos first and foremost. If I choose the camera that is best for me and it has HD video, then that's a bonus, but I wouldn't choose a lesser camera because of the video function.
  6. I could be wrong, but I suspect that there are no differences in JPEG processing between Canon cameras of the same generation. I would suspect that shooting the same image in the same conditions, with the same lens, and using the camera default settings, the 50D and T1i would probably produce the same picture. Can you be more specific about what you don't like about the 50D? What size prints are you making? Do you need more resolution than the XS? As you love that camera, perhaps you don't need to upgrade at all.
  7. They are all somewhat exactly right, I would never change a 50d for a smaller body with one less processor,and the sharp images you get with the rebel , is great I have one as well or two to be exact, they are good for hanging around your neck and not being so picky, but the settings in the 50d for sharpness up to i believe gives a choice of 1-7 and i usually pic around 5 and then i over saturate and etc, i think if i were you i would play with the 50d in manual more and play with custom functions an in time I bet you can do pictures that you thought were never possible.
  8. I agree with most of what has been said so far in this thread. I think if you review the default settings on you Canon XS camera and set the 50D to those same settings you will probably get better jpegs from the 50D, a little richer with better dynamic range with possibly better shadow detail. Where I respectfully disagree with previous posters is that the Canon T2i is the very best in a long line of dRebels. It has from my reading image quality equivalent to the Canon 7D. Sample review by the Steinmullers.
    I currently use three cameras; small Canon G10 for when I go very light, medium Canon T2i for when I go pretty light as for example when I shoot on the street, and large Canon 5D Mark II when I want the best quality digital images. If you are familiar and comfortable with the size and the interface of the Canon XS the T2i is pretty much an XS on steroids with a better processor Digic IV, better LCD, better viewfinder and much better image quality (18mp). You might be happier and more comfortable with the T2i with a good lens. Then again if you get used to the larger size and weight of the 50D and get familiar with the interface you can certainly make good images with it. Here is a picture from the T2i that I took today while my wife and I strolled through town.
  9. I upgraded from an XTi(400D) to a 50D.
    It took me a few months to have my pictures look as good with the 50D as they looked with my XTi. And then they started looking a little better. The secret's in the post processing. You'll need different settings for sharpness, picturestyle, noise reduction etcetera. [this was shooting RAW]
    In camera JPG's can also look the same or better but you'll need to tweak a personal custom picture setting. (For instance "Faithfull, +2 saturation" or "Landscape, +1 saturation" or even "Monochrome, +2 contrast".)
    Now I have three bodies and I use all three for different purposes. 2x crop 1x FF. And when I take my time the results from the FF look a tad better than those of the 50D and the 50D results look a tad better than those of the XTi. But it's definitely NOT night and day.
    Remember that any switch in camera will force you to relearn your post processing. So a switch to a T2i will not make life easier for you.
  10. Like Matthijs, and at about the same time, I upgraded to a 50D and found that it took me a while to get comfortable with the controls. Once I did, I never looked back. The ergonomics and controls are VASTLY better, allowing much faster control over settings on the fly.
    You wrote:
    I like the fact that my 50D is bigger and looks more "professional"​
    I find the larger size a nuisance sometimes, but it does fit my large hands much better. That's a matter of personal preference. How it looks is a lousy basis for choosing a camera.
    The fact is that both of these bodies are capable of producing superb images. Unless you are very good at this, your skill will have much more to do with the quality of the images than the very minor differences among current crop-sensor bodies. You don't say how you are shooting, but if you are shooting JPEG, you are not going to get the best out of either. You need to shoot raw and be good at postprocessing to get really good images, because that allows you to tailor the postprocessing to each specific image, rather than trusting it to a fixed, prepackaged recipe programmed into the camera. For me, this process is taking a long time, but the payoff is visible month by month.
  11. I have the XS and the 50D. I upgraded to the xxD series not for picture quality but for the buffer and speed of shooting. There was a learning curve with the upgrade. I shoot raw and use CS4. As to picture quality I really don't see much difference between the two cameras (unless pixel peeping). The XS was just too slow for much of my shooting and missing shots because the buffer was full frustrated me. I still use the XS (took it to Australia last month) for situations where I don't need the speed of the 50D, and I want to travel light. If I had to get rid of one body I would keep the 50D.
    I've thought about replacing the XS with the T2i only because the latter offers video also. But for still photography I prefer my 50D. What is important to you? I would think for still photography the 50D offers more versatility. The 50D is easier to use when shooting manual and just lets you fire off a lot of shots in a hurry when needed. BTW I did not get the 50D for the megapixels. In fact I find the size of the files to be the only disadvantage to the 50D--easily solved by getting more storage (which I've done) and a faster computer (coming in the future), and that disadvantage is not that big of a deal. (Hope this posting is useful to you.)

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