Canon 50D Multi-controller Questions

Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by jimvanson, Feb 8, 2009.

  1. I just purchased a 50D & to be honest I'm quite overwhelmed & puzzled with it. The number of buttons & settings on the camera are quite mind numbing at times.
    I think my biggest problem with it at this point is not knowing if the camera is doing what it should or if there is perhaps a fault with it (or is the fault with me!).
    So let me ask my first question – it concerns the Multi-controller (MC). First I’ve cleared all the camera’s settings & all the custom functions (I believe) & the camera is turned on. Now can I start the camera’s LCD Monitor by pushing the MC or do I have to push the shutter release half way & then push the MC to get the LCD Monitor working? My 50D’s LCD Monitor doesn’t start off the MC.
    Second: Does your LCD Monitor seem to come on with a delay of half a second or so after pushing the MC after the camera has “started”.
    Third: Does anyone find they have to push the MC several times to get it working?
    And in closing I’ll ask if anyone participates in a 50D forum on the net – one that is exclusive to that camera.
    Thanks in advance to all that answer!
  2. Funny your question, as the first thing I did was turn off the LCD's live view.
    To turn on the LCD monitor, either push menu or the little arrow button at the lower left to view already photographed images.
    When my camera wakes up, the LCD doesn't come on at all unless I press the menu button, etc. or if I have just taken a photo. Are you asking for the LiveView function to come on? You have the ability to program a custom function so that the LiveView can be turned on with the Print button iirc.
    You could do worse than right here on Photo.Net. I'm not aware of a 50D only forum, but one never knows.
  3. 1) If the camera switch is on, but the camera has powered itself down, I have to press the shutter button halfway before the MC will do anything.
    2) No, in general, it starts immediately. If I'm careless, and don't push straight down, it sometimes seems like your observation, but it's my error to blame.
    3) Again, only if I'm at fault by not pressing the MC straight down. Otherwise, it starts immediately.
  4. I just purchased a 50D & to be honest I'm quite overwhelmed & puzzled with it. The number of buttons & settings on the camera are quite mind numbing at times.​
    As for the joy-stick thingie (multi-controller), it does nothing if the camera is inactive. Once you activate the shutter, it has a few functions depending on what you're doing. Press the AF point button and then use the joy stick to move the AF points around. Press the menu button and it can be used to jump across menus. The function and behavior may also be changed via custom function.
    The LCD may be turned on by touching the menu button or any of the bottom row of buttons except the delete/trash button. Realize all these buttons have different functions so a different information screen appears as you press them.
    The 50D interface evolved from a long line of EOS film and digital SLRs that operate similarly. To a seasoned EOS shooter the 50D is simple and intuitive. To a DSLR noob, I can see the problem. However if you want complicated, try one of the PowerShot Elf point 'n shoots. Now you have to swim through miles of menus to set something as simple as EC.
    DSLRs are designed to be all things to all people and have an amazing array of features and often 2 or 3 ways to do the same thing. Hell you can even reprogram button functions. Most of us probably use 10% of the features that are available, but we master the ones essential to our style of shooting. I live mainly in Av and M modes shooting RAW while another guy might prefer JPEGS in P and DEP modes.
    Anyway, you really need some quality time with he manual. Canon USA also has instructional Flash videos online if you're unable to read the manual. If you lost your manual, you can also download a PDF version. The best way to learn is to start with a feature or two and practice using it for a few days. Move on to the next feature after you've mastered it.
  5. Here is a forum for 50D,40D,30D....... link First thing you should do is read the manual back to front with your camera and try all the settings that you will be using, then after a few weeks of use, read it again.
  6. Anyway, you really need some quality time with he manual.​
    Very likely.
    Happy shooting,
  7. Thanks all for your help with this (first of many) questions -- I truely appreciate it.
    The suggestion to check Canon USA's instructional Flash videos sounds great. as I have a bit of a problem with reading & comprehension these days.
    The suggestion to work on a couple of features a day is great as today is Multi-controller, Playback button & Menu button day.
    And last -- yes some quality time with the manual is needed.
    Thanks again!
  8. >Third: Does anyone find they have to push the MC several times to get it working?
    If you have trouble with this (as I sometimes do myself) check out pg 182 of the manual so you can assign the big SET button on your jogwheel to turn on the info screen (control function 14-3, option 5). My multicontroller is a bit nitpicky ahd I find it way easier to hit that set button to get to the quick info screen.

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