Canon 350D picky with CF cards?

Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by edward_h, Feb 11, 2006.

  1. I have a 350D, 1D2 and a bunch of CF cards.

    The 1D2 works with all the cards (unsurprisingly). The 350D works with
    a 512mb standard sandisk, 2gb sandisk ultra 2 and 16mb Canon.

    When trying to use a 1gb Sandisk Extreeeeme the 350D complains about a
    "CF Error". Can't format the card or anything.

    As I said, the Extreeeeeeeeeme card works in several card readers and
    the 1D2.

    So anyone got any idea why the 350D doesn't like the card?
  2. It's not extreme enough?<br><br>Have you tried formatting the card in a different camera or cardreader and putting it back in the 350D?
  3. That's odd, because this speed test suggests no compatibility issue:

    Then again, my Dell Axim X5 only works with Sandisk cards made in a specific factory... I would try and trade the card with somebody else, or try returning it (if possible) and trying one (if possible) with a different lot number/factory code/country of origin.
  4. I have a Kingston Ultra 2GB and a Sandisk 512 MB and no problems at all.
  5. I have the same Extreme card and camera as you and have no problems - best performance of all my CF cards in fact. Perhaps a problem with your particular card/camera.
  6. In the last two days of the triple rebate offer I bought Rebel XT (350D) and 70-200mm 4L and a Sandisk Extreme III (1GB) card. During the trial period I was able to take about 160 shots with them and format the card. No errors whatsoever. Amazing card! The camera and lens had problems so I returned everything. B&H would not accept the opened card back. So the card is waiting for another rebate offer from Canon.
  7. I have a 350D and 1DsMk2. 3 x Sandisk Ext3 cards and 1 x Lexar. Sandisk pretty much all ok in both cameras, apart from a few minor problems. Lexar not so good at all. I already had the card 'upgraded' after last year's compatibility issue (see the web), and have updated both cameras firmware. I get consistent problems with the Lexar in the 350D. The main one being a "Could not complete the command due to an unexpected end of file being encountered", or some such message. I have lost a great deal of images with this problem. Whether it is the card or camera I am having trouble establishing.

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