Canon 24-70 f/2.8 L on Canon 5S MKII-a bad copy?

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  1. I have been shooting with Canon 24-70 f/2.8L on my 5DII for two days now, it is a rental lenser that I picked at a reputable local camera store and I was told that is calibrated "good" copy. I wanted to try this lens before purchasing it as my standard lens for 5DII, however so far my experience has been very frustrating. Yesterday I took the lenser to the Cal Academy of Science in San Francisco and it was a total blow up, I shot several hundred shots with only a handful of good ones, mainly because of poor sharpness and color fringing. I tried the lens today as well with different outdoor subjects but results were very poor. Basically it is useless at f/2.8, nothing is sharp and at f/4 a very small circle in the center picks up in sharpness while the rest of the frame is blurry and even at f/8 corner performance is unacceptable to my standard. Chromatic aberration is extremely high and clearly present even at f/8. My main usage of 5DII is very large prints so imperfections like this is very critical to my work.
    I am starting to think that despite what I was told this lens may indeed by a very bad copy, I would appreciate any comments from owners of this lens who have used it on a full frame camera. I have attached some samples (all RAW files converted with DPP). It would nice if someone with a "good" copy can post some 100% crops from center and corner from a typical scenery so I can decide whether this is the lens for me or not.
    Thank you.
  2. crops from above
  3. Here is a sample at f/8
  4. and 100% crops from areas indicated above
  5. Oops the crops were misplaced the 1st crop set is for 2nd image and 2nd crop set for 1st image, sorry for bad post. Here is a sample of color fringing at f/8
  6. this shows the CA, it is not just in highlight area but anywhere with an edge an contrast, people's faces, tables etc.
  7. Reminds me of when I tried a friend's EF-S 18-55 IS. I'm serious, these look just like them!
    So maybe it is a bad copy: renters kicking it around and elements have drifted out of alignment. I'll ask the obvious: did you try the microfocus adjustment but to no avail? If not give it a try. I've owned a few lenses that were sharp on one body but not another so *X&$#**X&$#**X&$#**X&$#* happens.
    There is another possibility. Every once in a while a camera ships with the CMOS slightly skewed from the film plane. One of my friend's 20D was blurry on the same side no matter what lens he used (tried several of mine!). After blaming his lenses for months Canon finally asked him to send in both lenses and camera. Everything was sharp thereafter.
  8. Puppy,
    It's not the camera because I can produce tact sharp images with my telephotos.
  9. Puppy,
    It's not the camera because I can produce tact sharp images with my telephotos.
  10. Looks like a bad copy of the lens, the 24-70 has pretty much perfect sharpness all the way through. Deffinitly don't judge the 24-70 by this lens alone. Rental lens are often abused.
  11. Thanks Sam, can you post a sample from a good one?
  12. I guess you adjusted the microfocus and it didn't help? I found it a miracle worker for one of my lenses. Once programmed it corrects focus every dad burn time. Some people upgrade for just that particular feature...
  13. I guess you adjusted the microfocus and it didn't help? I found it a miracle worker for one of my lenses. Once programmed it corrects focus every dad burn time. Some people upgrade for just that particular feature...
  14. I guess you adjusted the microfocus and it didn't help? I found it a miracle worker for one of my lenses. Once programmed it corrects focus every dad burn time. Some people upgrade for just that particular feature...
  15. F2.8 1/4000 iso 640. It's focused on the scarf, taken while moving and couldn't be too indiscreet with unknown subject.
  16. Puppy,
    In the above shots subject is more than 300 yards away so DOF is from ~60ft to +infinity, focus micro adjust is really irrelevant for infinity DOF.
  17. Thanks Al,
    But can you post a 100% crop? My images look good at small size too (like the full frames above) but not when printed at 18X12 and larger.
  18. Arash, send the lens and body in. It will make a world of difference. Read my comments here about this process posted just a few minutes ago.
    I will be sending my body and any new lens in that I get from now on to be calibrated. Dispite the microadjust. My 1D3 has it. But it will still go. The difference was so increditable, its worth it. You have a bad copy. Mine is razor sharp. With in range. I'm using 10mp cameras so the detail recorded at 300-500 yards wont be as great as yours. Just send them in together. In fact, if you do it, send everything you have since its going anyway. Then all your gear will rock. Good luck, I know exactly how frustrating this can be.
  19. David,
    Can you post a sample from the lens? Any crop will do. Although 1D3 does not quite see the corners due to 1.3 crop but still I am very interested to see the sharpness accross the frame.
    This was a rental lens so there is no sending in :) I have not had good experience with Canon "calibrating" my gear so I take the gear as is sold, if it doesn't perform it goes back to store, just like I don't expect to buy a brand new Porsche and take it directly from the dealership to repair shop ;)
  20. I understand completely. Currently, my 1D3 is at Canon. I just popped a shot outside as its getting dark here. Its from the 24-70 that was calibrated on a 1D3, but this shot was actually from my 40D. Check your email. I'll send the full JPEG. Its RAW processed through DPP as is right to JPEG no sharpen or NR. Everything default. I'll dig and see if I have anything else to send.
  21. Arash, I found something even better. A shot at 2.8 35mm and its spot on with the 1D3. Shoot me an email so I have an address to upload the RAW file to. If its too big, I'll send the JPEG.
  22. Heres a crop. Hope this works
  23. Sorry, crop from RAW. Focus point is right eye. Exif is :
    Shooting Mode Manual Exposure
    Tv( Shutter Speed ) 1/80
    Av( Aperture Value ) 2.8
    Metering Mode Evaluative Metering
    ISO Speed 400
    Lens EF24-70mm f/2.8L USM
    Focal Length 38.0mm
    Image Size 3888x2592
    Image Quality RAW
    Flash On
    Flash Type External E-TTL
    Flash Exposure Compensation 0
    Shutter curtain sync 1st-curtain sync
    White Balance Mode Auto
    AF Mode AI Servo AF
    Picture Style Standard
    Sharpness 3
    Contrast 0
    Saturation 0
    Color tone 0
    Color Space sRGB
    Long exposure noise reduction 0:Off
    High ISO speed noise reduction 0:Off
    Highlight tone priority 1:Enable
    File Size 10851KB
    Dust Delete Data No
    Drive Mode High-speed continuous shooting
    AF Microadjustment 5
  24. Thanks David, I just sent you an email.
  25. Here's another data point for you:
    (Click on the magnifying lens to see the uncompressed view.)
    No EXIF data; it is a Coolscan5000 scan of Fuji Astia. Lens is the 28-70 F2.8, purchased two months ago.
  26. I am surprised so there is no one with this lens and a 5D/5DII/1DS/1DSII/1DSIII that can post a 100% crop :( ?
  27. Here is a 200% crop. I use Canon 5d and a 24-70 2.8 L lens. I had to reduce the image size so that weakens the quality a bit but i think this still shows that it's a brilliant lens.
  28. 1/1250 F4 iso 500 5d2 24-70 usm @ 100%
  29. Al,
    Is this 70mm? *MUCH* better than the lens I rented!
  30. Yes 70mm. None of my images are really good for for this sort of test since usally either my subject or I am moving. I guess its a tripod shot you need, I don't have one. This was a lens I hired too for a few hours prior to deciding to buy it. I thought the lens first rate and will buy it.
  31. Al,
    I don't need tripod shots necessarily, just some usual sceneries that show sharpness that is to be expected from this lens and MKII, I always ask for 100% crops because it is the only way to judge pixel level sharpness for print and enlargements. Here is a link to the gallery of the shots I made, they look pretty good for web viewing at 1500X1000 but for 18X12 prints, no:(
  32. I own this lens and shoot it on a Rebel XTi. It has its good days, and its bad days. (mostly bad days) All of my pictures look just like the ones originally posted. I've also had a lot of issues with it back focusing. It drives me CRAZY! I have never sent it in and didn't know you could. Can someone give me more info on this?
  33. I dunno Arash. Looked at your link and its hard to tell but you have some good shots. Maybe rent, or check out another copy at a shop somewhere. The lens is used a lot and has a good reputation so can only assume its either you got a "bad copy" or it's the 5d2 with AF problems. Since you say it works okay with other lens it can only be a bad copy.
    Brook I dunno who you should contact ... maybe try Canon support where you live. Maybe search the threads here for problems with that particular lens. If I knew I'd tell you.
  34. Brooke, go here and follow the directions. Print the completed work form and include it with your stuff. Include a detailed summary of the issue. Request them to calibrate the lens to your body.
    They will get it back to you and everything should be kosher at that point.
    Note: That camera doesnt have any cross-type focus points so it may not always give the best results as it can on another body with at least the center point being cross-type. They may charge you, but it wont be much and its worth it to get the most out of a $1400 lens.
    Good luck and hurry, you'll be glad you did.
  35. David,
    Thanks. Im looking into purchasing a 5D. I've never used a full frame camera but Im sure I can figure it out. Once I send them my XTi and lens will it only work for this body? Also, are there any Canon lenses you recommend using on the 5D? I shoot portraits and weddings.
  36. Just for a reference I am posting a link to a shot taken with 50 f/1.4, sharpness and detail is amazing, I expect to get at least 80% of such quality from an expensive L zoom. I know that 24-105 can't do this, so I chose to go with 24-70 despite more limited range.
  37. Do you know about this resourse?
    Here is a test shot to check a new 5D.
  38. Looks like the photo didn't attach. Let's try again.
  39. I'm having a problem with internet connectivity. The postings all have the same attachment. Let's see what I can do.
  40. My assessment of my 24-70 is that it's good but not as good as my 70-200 at 70mm and f8, which has an rating as good as the 50mm f1.4. I also like my 35mm f2.0 better when compared to the 24-70 at 35mm, but it's close.

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