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  1. How does the FD 200 macro compare in sharpness to the FD 100 macro?
    Has anyone had experience with both the FD 200 Macro and the New EOS
    180 macro? Is new lens better optically and is the autofocus
    useful? I would be using lens mostly outside for nature photography.


    Thanks for any information
    Pat Harris
  2. As a qualifying statement, I neither own nor use autofocus equipment.
    I have a pair of T-90's that serve me well.
    Everything I've ever read about autofocus says that ,in most
    instances, the autofocus should be disengaged for macro work or it
    (and you) will go nuts with the constant hunting. I have used a
    borrowed 200mm Macro lens, and it is simply twice as good as my 100mm
    Macro lens.I bought my 100mm used and it remains the best, sharpest,
    clearest lens I own. By there nature, the flat field macros are
    deliciously sharp across the board. Depending upon the degree of
    magnification you want, you could very well end up in many wet-belly
    situations where you are literally "focusing with your toes" by
    digging into the ground with your feet to rock yourself back anr
    forth to obtain focus.This would be true for a 50mm, 100mm or a 200mm
    lens. The valuable part is that you could be doing this twice as far
    away from your subject with a 200mm Macro. After you have wriggled
    through dirt and slime to get in position, you don't want your
    subject to disappear because you violated its "zone". As soon as I
    have a wining lottery ticket, I know I plan to buy one.
  3. I have used a 200mm f4 Canon for nature closeups for several years now and have never regreted the expense.The 200mm has the ability of going to a 1:1 magnification ratio without an added extention adaptor and it comes with a tripod collar so horizontal to verticle adjustments are effortless.The 200mm focal length allows you to isolate your subject from the background and gives you ample working distance for those"jumpy" creatures.To my knowledge the AF 180mm is not capable of 1:1 magnification as is,and,as has been stated before,auto focus has limited use with macro shots. Sharpness, magnification,convenience, and great working distance keep this lens my favorite for this type of work.Good shooting, Ron

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