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  1. Guys, i need your advice. Recently I had bought Canon 1DX and I had found out that the 61 point auto focus speed (under single shot mode) is slightly slower (maybe 0.5 second) than my previous modal 7D. I had try several lenses in same light condition but I still found the same issue. For example normally when I half press the shuttle button, the 7D act extremely fast like no lag and focus indicator light up and beep immediately. When I half press the 1DX shuttle button, it seem needs half a second to process then its only light up the focus point and beep. AI servo and single point focus have no problem. I want to check with you guys, this is 1DX normal behavior or abnormal. Furthermore, it's something like I need to spend 1 to 2 second to snap a single shot in 7D and 2 to 3 second in 1DX. I had update the firm ware to 2.0.2 but the problem still exists. Thanks a lot.
  2. You are comparing two different things, (apples to oranges). The 61 points autofocus system is not like the 19 points system in the 7D. If you wish to make them comparable you have to compare those autofocus modes which are identical, (single point, augmented single point, (5 to 5 not 5 to 9),...).
    Even though the dual Digic 5 processors are supposedly more powerful than the Digic 4 used in the 7D, the algorithm which establishes focus for 61 points in the 1D X is doing a much more complex search and computation than the one in the 7D.
    The 1D X has to look at more than 3 times as many points. It should not be surprising that it takes it longer to do so.
  3. Oh, that's now how it works at all, Michael - the 1Dx should monster the 7D in terms of AF speed and responsiveness.
  4. It should not be surprising that it takes it longer to do so.​
    Well I would be surprised. In fact I would be so surprised that I would demand the £5000 back that I paid for it.
  5. The autofocus performance of the 1D X is extremely programmable and a new firmware update upgrading the AF
    performance and metering was just released.
  6. You need to tell us all your settings, that's contrary to my experience comparing the 1D X to the 5D MkIII and the 7D. The 1D X is the fastest of the three, by far.

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