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  1. Hey all. So after everything I've decided to continue using my Canon 10D for now. I was thinking about sending my 10D to Canon Repair for a check up. They qouted me $210 with return shipping for a sensor cleaning and factory restoration of my camera. I asked if this included replacing parts and he said yes but not major parts (i.e. shutter and so on). I have never sent my camera for any sort of cleaning, never cleaned my sensor, never put any sort of maintence into my camera, so my question is, do you think it will be worth it to send my camera into Canon. Will it come back working better (faster focus, etc.). Will it do it any better or am I just wasting my money.
  2. Buy a 20D
  3. What's wrong with the 10D? It won't do anything "better" than any other 10D out there. You can clean the sensor yourself. I would not spend $210 on a 10D. Get a used 20D or 30D instead.
  4. I would purchase a 20d or 30d if I could get them that cheap. I am trying to make my next camera purchase a 5D or 5DII
  5. Hi!
    When shutter in my 10D broke down Canon Repair charged me about 150$ (including change of shutter buton-cost of part 7$?) So for 200$ I would look around for used 20D or clean camera yourself :)
  6. You're getting good advice. Maybe $50 for a repair but not $200. I'd sell my 10D tomorrow if someone offered me $210 plus shipping.
  7. Ditto the above. I sold my 10D for about what they're asking to service yours. The only service an old DSLR (or any DSLR) should need is sensor cleaning. You should learn to do that yourself. Just do a search on PN for "sensor cleaning," and you should find an abundance of useful info. If your 10D eventually requires more serious service than that -- with a price tag that exceeds its used value on Ebay -- then your camera is "totalled." You should then buy a different camera, even if it's an exact replacement.
    BTW, sensor cleaning is scary, but it's really no big deal once you've done it. The 10D is particularly easy, as the mirror box is nice and roomy, and there's extra space on the margins of the sensor.
  8. If its not broke don't fix it....

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