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  1. Would I be able to shoot youth football at night on a professionally lighted field "High school" type football field.
    I love my lens for daytime youth football shots.
  2. If it's well- lit and/or you're happy to crank up the ISO, then yes.
  3. Depends upon the field as high school lighting is highly variable and some end zones are really bad. I have a 100-400 and f 5.6 at 400 mm is really pretty slow. You would probably have to go to 6400 iso. I have a 70-200 2.8 also and have used that for years for night HS football. It works better but you need field access even then. You need a light meter or take you camera out at night when the lights are on and meter with the camera and see what you get. Also meter individual field lights as there are light spots and dark spots on lots of HS fields. After you meter you can make your own decision depending upon your camera ISO capability, field position and the actual lighting. You need shutter speeds above 1/500 except head on in end zones where I have gotten by with a 250th on occasion. I also shot with a flash mounted to use if I got close enough. Great insurance.
  4. Bob,
    With the newer bodies, anything is possible with higher ISO. I've only shot high school football and I agree with Dick, end zone shots are difficult unless you are head on and even then backlighting casts shadows on the players faces. IMHO one needs f2.8 or faster glass.
    I asked this in another thread, but you talk about using flash in football. Do you think it distracts players? I'm hesitant to try it because I do not want to be the reason they miss a touchdown...

    "I’m glad you mentioned this, even if it pertains to arenas. I’m shooting for a local high school and I’m worried about using my inverted flash (monopod w/ EF400mm f2.8L) for football in the end zone (poor lighting... go figure). The test shots I’ve taken with players standing on the field are phenomenal because it adds light under the facemask. In your humble opinion, you think it won’t distract them? I’m shooting 1/8th power at 8 FPS… I’m worried my mini strobe session will distract the players?"
    Brian Barksdale
  5. There is always the option to test your flash impact on the "other" team first! ;-)

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