Canon 100-400 vs Tamron 200-500

Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by anesh, May 26, 2007.

  1. I haven't seen comparisons made between these two obvious contenders for
    wildlife photographers. IS aside I'd like to know about the optical quality
    and AF speed of the Tamron compared to the Canon.
  2. I haven't used the Tamron,but I have used the Canon.Great build quality,great optics.If you get it in focus you're pretty much guaranteed a good photo.Get it and you'll never regret it.W
  3. There are 12 user reviews of the Tamron and 147 reviews of the Canon at fredmiranda; might be worth a look:
  4. That was the link to the Canon reviews; the Tamron reviews are here:
  5. Bob Atkins reviewed both lenses separately at least... you can read both and give it some
    thought based on that.

    You can find numerous online reviews of the 100-400... just google it.

    My personal account is that I own the 100-400, and use it all the time--easily 20,000
    shots by now. It's my main lens for what I do, and I'm very pleased with it. Is it perfect?
    Of course not. But I think it's a well-made compromise. A prime would be sharper, and a
    twist zoom instead of a push-pull would probably make for better weather-sealing (I've
    managed to get salt deposits in between lens elements from shooting around salt spray),
    but hey, it's doing its job, and I'm happy with it.
  6. Both lenses are reviewed pretty thoroughly at Photozone. Personally, I'd take the 100-400; mine has served me well over a number of years.
  7. I have used both. And the IS in the 100-400 is the decider for me, because I do not like to use a tripod. For the 1.6 crop camera I think 100-400 IS is perfect match. If you use tripod, and FF camera then the Tamron's extra reach may come in handy. The Tamron's optics are very good, but I also prefer the zoom/focus action of the Canon lens (for wildlife photography).
  8. I have no experience of the Tamron, but the 100-400L was one of the first three lenses I bought back in 2002. I've never regretted it. i vouce for the lens.
  9. I have the 100-400, the IS is the clincher. I have no regrets about buying this lens whatsoever.

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