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Discussion in ' Site Help' started by mtc photography, Feb 8, 2017.

  1. Link to photos in Yahoo group works in old photonet site

    In new site, all links become dead links.

    The new site is a total distaster !!!!!
  2. Been asking the same to no avail.

  3. MTC Photography:
    I keep all my PN links in an Excel spreadsheet. I can locate all my PN NW images in a flash. If a link deactivates I click F2 and then Enter. Result: a hot link. I hope this helps. BTW.....disaster is what happens when a woman backs into a fan.
  4. Meaning? Being offensive has nothing to do with the OP. These derogatory comments towards women shouldn't have a home here.
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  5. I sympathize, though I am sure no offense was meant .. Personally, I would have preferred something in the nature of "when the cat backs into the fan", though I adore cats too! That said, I wish someone would explain to me why in a country that is so sensitive over such issues (in France no one would have noticed it), forty four per cent of women voted for Donald Trump, despite his gros attitude and comments regarding them ... need I remind anyone about "grabbing them by the p ....y"! Oh dear, all this has nothing to do with linking from outside Photo net, but we do need a bit of distraction here..
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  6. Norman 202

    Norman 202 i am the light

    linking from other sites leaves gaping holes when those links are broken (when the poster, eg, deletes the original image)

    if you have an image worth posting, upload a photo using the "Upload a file" link.
  7. Sometimes, offensive comments are made out of innocence or ignorance rather than conscious offensive intent. I'm just glad Laura spoke up so the speaker will know what he said was offensive and will, hopefully, adjust accordingly in the future
    Obviously, the U.S. isn't, broadly speaking, as sensitive to such issues as you seem to think. :(
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  8. First let me apologize for any discomfort I may have caused and at the same time accept the modification to the quip. I will use it going forward. Thank you. Now to the actual subject of the question. I do not see any reference to that. Hmmmm.
  9. Thank you Erwin .. haha, yes, I did start out by apologizing for that too .. : -)
  10. Laura and Fred G.

    Now that I have addressed (I believe) some comments re my bit of humor I can throw a challenge to you. If you are up to it perhaps you may be willing to explain how a play on words can be construed as offensive and derogatory to women. If you can not or will not then as far as I am concerned the whole thing is a wash and goes to the trash bin. Whenever I encounter something like this my reaction has been to demand why, how and WTH? The ball is your court.
  11. Erwin, I think this discussion has graduated to a topic that would belong in the "Off Topic" forum, if we still had one. So, my suggestion is to just let it go...
  12. I already have....I see no possibility of a response.
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  13. It's hard to believe you could even ask this question, but here's an example:

    "I would never buy my wife any decent jewels or artwork. Why give her negotiable assets?" —Donald Trump

    The play is on the word "assets." On the one hand, he's specifically referring to NEGOTIABLE assets (external, contingent assets of monetary value) while implicitly referring to NON-NEGOTIABLE assets (fixed physical attributes which belong to the woman), which Trump is obsessed with.

    Any uses of puns or other such figures of speech that refer exploitively to women's bodies or body parts, etc., would be good examples as well.
    OK, then. You just undercut your apology. Generally, it's bad form to apologize for something and start demanding explanations for why you were wrong. You might want to understand what it is you've done BEFORE you apologize so your apology will at least seem to be the slightest bit sincere and substantive, as opposed to just hollow words you utter because you think you're supposed to. You don't get to give an apology and then demand things from the person you apologized to in exchange.
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  15. You're absolutely right. In the future the why? will come first.
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  16. Apology accepted. Thank you.

    "perhaps you may be willing to explain how a play on words can be construed as offensive and derogatory to women"

    I have just returned from a very long day of work that began shortly after my post this morning. I will respond to this "challenge" in the morning after a well deserved night of rest. I don't want you to think that I am evading the issue. Right now my brain is tired.

    "forty four per cent of women voted for Donald Trump, despite his gros attitude and comments regarding them

    I can't speak for anyone but myself. I didn't vote for him and I'm probably just as baffled as you.
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  17. Good Morning,
    First, to MTC Photography, I apologize for derailing your thread. You were looking for help in getting something photographic accomplished. I didn't provide an answer for you, as Erwin and others have done. I hope you were able to get images linked up.

    As to why I find the comment in question offensive:. I don't see it as "a play on words". Words matter. They are one of our most important communication tools. You didn't need to make a comment on what constitutes a "disaster". You could have easily agreed with the OP about the condition of the pnet site, but no. With the entire English vocabulary at your disposal, you opted to toss out a comment about women that conjures up a really unpleasant visual in the mind. Ask yourself why it's not anything else backing into a fan. The visual is equally disturbing, but you chose women. If it's indeed a play on words, as you say, it still doesn't make any sense to me. I take you at your word that you meant no offense. I hope I have answered your question adequately. The comment also didn't help the OP, and in that, we are both remiss.
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  18. Laura….

    I can only dissect the one liner. The quip will not make sense any other way as it depends heavily on the last syllable to be understood as ‘er which is a contraction for her. If you can locate another entity that can be described as her I would gladly substitute the word. If you do not understand that I can offer no more than the previous apology, fold my tent and steal away into the night. Can we possibly put this thing to bed already? You really got my attention here.

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  19. Erwin,
    I did/do accept your apology, and I believe that it is sincere. We can have coffee (or tea) on the front porch, clink cups, and be buddies. No need to steal away into the night.

    Happy Trails.
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