Cannon rebel xti flash not working

Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by bill_braunschweiger, Jul 14, 2015.

  1. The built in flash on my Rebel xti does not pop up. Worked for years but recently stopped. I have checked all the settings and they are
    ok. Can't check bulb since I cannot get the flash to pop up. Any one have any idea what I may be able to do to troubleshoot it?
  2. I had a similar issue with a canon camera. Have you recently used an external flash? The reason I ask is that this happened to me after using a flash on my camera. There are a couple of small spring type clips in the flash hotshoe, make sure that one or both of them are clear an not bent (carefully), as this will prevent the flash from popping up because the camera thinks that there is something in the shoe. I believe that I found the solution on the 'net but I really don't recall.
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  3. Usually, they do not become bent,but certainly a large grain of sand or similar detritus can easily become wedged between the bottom of the spring, and the top of the little micro switch that detects the external flash (right side of hot shoe as camera is facing forward). leaving the switch thinking the external flash is mounted. I've had it happen on my XTi before.
    I assume that pressing the 'flash' button does NOT pop up the flash? Because if the switch does not return to it's normal position, pressing the button will NOT pop up the flash
  4. href="http://www.conraderb .com/flashrepair"
  5. Thanks Marcus and Brian. I had read about the micro switch but didn't see it until Marcus said it was on the right side. It was stuck and releasing it made the flash pop up again. Seems I'll have to clean it since the switch will not stay in the up position. Obviously some kind of design flaw since it has happened to others. Thanks again.
  6. How to repair Canon hot shoe
  7. Keep in mind that at this point these cameras are 8+ yrs old, so things like microswitches (especially those exposed to the exterior) are typically subject to failures. It sounds to me like the switch itself is broken, which would probably require replacement of the top panel (for between $25-$50 for the part), but it's possible you may be able to take a (very) small amount of goop type adhesive and adhere the top of the switch to the bottom of the leaf spring, and the leaf spring should pull it back up, maintaining proper operation.
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