cannon g11 vs lumix gf1

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  1. I am in doubt? I need a camera, I photograph street/ instant shots.
    I do not like heavy equipment or taking lots of lenses .
    Wich one would be Nicer?
  2. The G11 is a small sensor camera. The GF1 would record better images, especially in low light. But it is larger, especially with the zoom kit lens. The 20 mm f/1.7 is more compact, but limited to a normal focal length. This link is a field test with many facets of the GF1 explored in depth. You have a very fine portfolio here at and will do well with either camera.
  3. tough choice. ive had the g10 thru g5. g11 very versatile with the lens in one body, low lifgt shooting and the vari angle lcd. many access for it probably cheaper than panas are. gf1 really nice cam also for low light also. versatile in the fact you can put many lenses on it but they are expensive. you can add an evf but it doesnt have a vari angle display. canon has an optical vf if thats inportant to yo u and its smaller than the gf1. if i had the money id get the gf1 because i could afford it. btw, amazon has the gf1 with 14-45 and a freevf for 743. cant beat that. essentially its a tosup but ill say if you can afford it get the gf1 deal at amazon but if you cant, get the g11 because you cant beat it for yhe money. better yet you might want to check the g10 out. think of the gf1 as an slr and the g11 as a point and shoot. if you are worried about all the gear definately get the g11. if you want smaller get the s90 because iq is same as g11 in a smaller package. i had one nice cam. out of the 3 cams you cant go wrong with either. as for the g10 it has more resolition than the g11 but the iq isnt as nice but the printed results are awesome go figure. ll use your gut feelings. hope ive helped you. ll
  4. One real but often overlooked advantage of the smaller sensor camera, when combined with the fast aperture at the wide end of the zoom, especially for street type photography in lower light levels (such as urban streets at night), is that you can shoot at those f/2 and f/2.8 apertures and still get outstanding depth of field. you almost don't have to worry about focus. I have the focus assist light turned off on mine, because I never need it.
    If you know what you're doing, and if you shoot raw to work it up later as you would have in B&W darkroom days, the image quality of the S90 and G11 class cameras is more than good enough for classic street photography. In fact, even when there is noise from using a higher ISO up to 800, it looks like film grain. Canon's DPP does an outstanding job with it.
    I'm not a hardcore street photographer, just a shy one... but you can have a look at some of my low light street type pictures on my flickr pages. The link is in my profile. Frankly, all my SLR's are film cameras, but if I had a DSLR, I would leave it at home for my street photography shooting.
  5. I would be reluctant to go for either becuase the G11 has the old fashioned optical viewfinder, which is popular with folk who like that, and the GF1 doesn't have a viewfinder at all but of course being a 4/3 will likely give better quality. The GF1 doesn't have a lens either so you have to choose that as well to suit what sort of photography you do.
    Personally becuase I like the way an EVF gives my old eyes a nice bright and clear image to compose with, and experience has taught me that a long zoom is addictive, I would be going for something rather different ... but maybe those cameras are what you think you want :)
  6. No one can answer this one but the original poster. You can spend many days reading reviews and etc, but in the end it comes down to what your objectives and photographic style and experience are.
    I have always been a big fan of the "small camera, high quality" combination myself. In the film days, I would carry stuff like a Ricoh GRV1, Leica CM, Rollei AFM35, things like that. With digital, the Canon G series has always been a good option for this type of camera. Today, it still is, together with the likes of Panasonic LX3 and Samsung EX1, for example. These are high quality cameras, but you need to compromise on image quality, due to their small sensor.
    With the advent of "larger sensor, small cameras" category (to which the GF1 belongs), things have changed. With the 20mm lens, the GF1 (or any of the Olympus Pens), is a high quality package, that does not compromise on image sensor. I have transitioned from the G11 to a GF1; with the 20mm lens, the size is about the same (you can fit either of them in a Lowepro Apex 60 belt case, for example).
    The photographic experience, and the way you photograph, is very different if you use the G11 or GF1 types of camera. To me, due to my photographic style, I much prefer the "experience" of using the GF1 with the 20mm lens, it makes me sharper and think more, it is more challenging. With the G11, I would be tempted to "snap away", with the GF1, it is a much more involving experience, makes me more purposeful. I know this is all very subjective, both are good systems and types of cameras. Hence, the decision will have to be yours.
  7. Hello Marianne,
    I would like to know more about your street shooting style. I would recommend neither of the above for pure street shooting and instead ask you to trial a Canon S90. There is no optical viewfinder (nor is there one in the Panasonic GF1) but you do get the advantage of low light shooting through that f2 lens and an acceptable zoom range. Above all, it is the type of camera that nobody notices.You could learn to use it in such a way that it does not stand out. That is the best part of Street Photography for me.
    The S90 is also cheaper is that is a concern?
  8. Howard, Lisa, Pierre, JC, Paulo,Starvy
    I thank you all for the nice advices and comments about my doubt and decision to make.
    I had a Nikon D70 wich was ok. But I prefer analogic rather than digital cameras.
    I really love my rangefinder Leica MP with the Summilux 50mmBut ,but for sure, I cannot run away from having a digital camera, because in Brazil films and developping are getting very expensive.
    The viewfinder is very important for me . Beeing directly in contact with the object or scene makes me feel in my own world.
    I am looking for a light camera that gives me quality. I have seen the G11 results and they are really great.
    The Lumix GF1 is not so easy to find here,in Brazil, I have never had one in my hands , but I have a Leica Dlux 3 , so Lumix is familiar to me
    Anyway all your comments are very nice, and they are helping in this decision.
    Thanks again! Marianne
  9. hi, you have a good eye. i told you its a tough choice. my heart goes out to film also. you might want to consider used gear. in the states bandh and keh are good bets. so is ebay. but the shipping and other fees may put you off. lisa
  10. The Panasonic GF1 + 20mm is very similar to the Leica MP + Summilux 50mm
    Panasonic also makes the DMW-LVF1 viewfinder which is important to you.
    The whole package is more expensive than the G11, but the quality will be much better.
    The only problem I have with my GF1 is how Panasonic's colors. All pictures need to be taken RAW and corrected in post-processing.
  11. Hi Marianne. First of all, Congratulations on owning Leica equipment! As I own neither Leica nor Panasonic, I have been in photography since 1975, and have used everything from a Polaroid to large format (4x5, 8x10), so I do know a bit about image quality. My opinion is that, since you are familiar with the image quality obtainable from a Leica system, I would say that you'll be more pleased with that of the Panny GF1 and the 20mm pancake, than you would with the Canon G series, simply because of the relative size of the sensors, coupled with the high quality Panny lenses. The Canon G's are great for pure travel, web shots, and prints up to about 8x10. However, if you are a stickler for image quality as I am, AND you print larger than around 8x10, then the m4/3 system should be far superior, albeit much pricier due to the lenses. Good luck!
  12. Thanks Steve! Great advice, I have already made my mind, and after reading all the comments, yours came to stamp my decision.
    Regards, Marianne
  13. Hi Lisa, in Brazil is hard to buy from ebay , only from BHphoto and amazon, but the taxes are really high. Thanks ahain for your advices< Regards, Marianne
  14. Marianne, congrats on making a decision! The best of luck to you in your photographic endeavors! I'm sure I speak for everyone when I say that once you get your new system, we'd love to see your work! Have fun!

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