Candid street stuff... take a look

Discussion in 'Leica and Rangefinders' started by albert_smith, Mar 15, 2005.

  1. I went out this weekend and ran a few rolls through my M6. I shot in groups of people at the beach area (here in Florida), and tried to get only candid type shots. I used a 35mm Summicron set for a zone and shot mostly from the hip at very close ranges from the people.
  2. OK, not a hipshot, but a candid. Like all nice looking girls, they never knew I existed. ;-)
  3. Not bad at all.
  4. Yes... That's my fav style. Cool. You mean it's warm and sunny somewhere?
  5. Come clean Albert, we know it's close to bike week at Daytona, now that's what I call an unfair advantage ;-)
  6. I've done my share of hipshots... but hats off to you on the first one. How did you manage to expose it so well?

    Thanks for posting!
  7. Come clean Albert, we know it's close to bike week at Daytona...
    You got me. It ended last Sunday. I'm going through several hundred shots to make a small folder to post.
  8. Albert - I'm remembering a strong set of photos you took last year, and I would say you're off to a great start on this year's 'album.'

    Sunshine, warm weather, attractive women .... must be tough. Sure glad we've got a guy down there who's up to the job.
  9. It will take me a while to edit down to a small folder, so here is a more "bike" oriented type shot, with a more non-street attired young lady. I took this shot not so much because of the girl, but for the rude shirt being worn by the guy in the background... and the girl.

    Shot with the M6 and Summicron. I'll make it a link incase bikini type shots are offensive to anyone.
  10. This is an absolute delight. Your bike people are always fun but these somehow are more fun. Raunchy, dumpy, cute, charming.

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