Candid portraits/shooting with all manual camera

Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by SJSF, Mar 22, 2018.

  1. Use a flash indoors, preferably one with a built-in sensor for auto exposure. You set the same ISO and f/stop on the flash as on the camera, then concentrate on focusing. I find it works as well as a TTL flash on a compatible Hasselblad (e.g., 205TCC or 555ELD). A CF120 Macro is pretty long for indoor candids. A CF50 or CF60 would be a better choice. A longer lens is okay for portraits, but you need control over the subject's position.

    A prism with a built-in meter will get around the problem of managing a hand-held meter. it is also TTL, usually center weighted. It also gets the camera up to eye level, even with a 45 deg prism. It's not automatic, though, and reads in EV numbers, which must be transferred to the lens.

    An Hasselblad is pretty hard to hold steady for good sharpness, even outdoors. Just about any 35mm camera is better suited for action photography. Why punish yourself for something that's supposed to be fun?

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