Can you identify this?

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  1. I found this in someone's avatar--it is a very attractive looking rangefinder.
    Can anyone identify it for me?

  2. The photo is very small but it's either a Contax or a copy of one. The red color is almost certainly not original.
  3. I think it's a Contax IIa (fifties vintage) and either a Camera Leather re-cover or a Henry Shearer custom overhaul. I have a IIIa, it's just like this except with original leather and has a meter.
  4. its a yashihara.
    the company is out of bussines.
  5. jtk


    Its an early Contax IIa-D, the digital rangefinder they introduced in 1955. Very big digits back then. You're not seeing the Macintosh tube amplifier that it required. Very fine. Contax planned a 3-D version, but the two-Macintosh kit was deemed impractical.
  6. Thanks for the responses...though I can't seem to find anything on the Yashihara. I've found 'yasuhara' but those are very different. Could someone direct me to some info?
  7. Scratch that last post. It appears to be a Yashica 35. Thanks all!
  8. Thanks, John, for posting this -- I've never seen one (or even known of their
  9. Yes, it's a Yashica 35. These ones look similar to old Contaxes but have a leaf shutter and a fixed lens, usually with f/2.8, the f/1.9 version is pretty rare. It is built like a tank. Different from most other japanese rangefinders, it uses a prism beamsplitter - the disadvantage is that this cannot be replaced if the semi-silvering is gone.

    There is another camera looking similar to the Contax, the Neoca-SII. But this is a flimsy thing compared to the rock-solid Yashica 35.
  10. PS. These old rangefinders can look very attractive when re-leathered. A dark red tone fits very well.
  11. Some japanese manufacturers were very eager to give their cameras an expensive look:
  12. Quite a few high-grade Japanese rangefinders used beam splitting prisms. All the Canons (from the S-II at least) did. The Topcon 35-S, 35-L, etc. also do. While repair of the prism isn't very feasible, it generally isn't needed, since it is so durable.

    Cheaper ones, like the Aires Viscount, use the ordinary half-silvered mirror.
  13. <I found this in someone's avatar>?!? Can someone translate? Is this ia Second Life
  14. It's the little picture next to someone's name in a forum thread.

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