can you help to get rid of this spot on my sensor?

Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by mantra|1, Jan 17, 2011.

  1. Hi

    I got a situation

    I used the smear away to clean my sensor

    i used this kit

    i follow the instructions on the homepage and i watched the movie

    well the fist time i used the kit , during the cleaning the swab with smear away lost a small piece of the circular cloth swab on the right side of the sensor

    today i tried to clean again and get rid of the small piece of white swab , it's on the right side of the picture and it's very small

    i'm sure it's a small piece of swab, i did notice when the swab lost it , and i checked with the loupe

    today i used some swabs with smear away and i cleaned the sensor moving the swab from the left(including the small piece of swab cloth) to the right

    but nothing i was not able to get rid of it

    what could i do ?

    i would appreciate it a lot

    the link to the image
    this is the image ->
    direct image -> sometime doesn't work but it's the same full not cropped
    I added A RED ARROW to let you see the spot
  2. Try cleaning it again, carefully?
  3. If you are sure it is swab and not that you ground a piece of sensor away.
    If it just a piece of swap, after every thing is dry, have you tried pointing the camera down with the lens off and press the clean button, also using an air bulb to blow the piece of swab off the sensor.
    Be careful.
  4. How many swabs have you used? Based on the package you purchased and the BH web page it only had 4 swabs in it and it appears you have done 3 cleanings.
    According to visible dust instructions you should only make one swipe with the swab and then discard it. There is much more information in there pdf instrucitions (harder to find on there web page for some reason). Based on your post you are having a lot of problems with swab releasing lint or degrading. This can happen if you made multiple swipes with the same swab and or ued to much cleaning solution. I would Also avoid the very edge of the sensor. It might have a sharp edge that may catch on the swab causing particles iIt is also possible that you got a bad batch of swabs.
    some time ago I purchased a visible dust orang swab kit witch included the solution and arcticbutterfly sensor brush and haven't had a problem. Most of the time I use only one swab and only make one swipe with it. I personally found the brush to be very effective and and easy to use and most of the time it is all I use.
  5. hi
    thanks to all
    yes i tried the sensor auto clean of the camera , many blower
    but the piece of white microfiber is melt , stuck and flat
  6. It's probably time to take it to Canon for a pro sensor cleaning , coz it didn't work DIY . I don't think it'll cost that much , at least you'll have peace of mind after the pros get that piece of swab out and clean the sensor ..
  7. I would say this is a great lesson in sizing up professional websites and companies. Nothing in their website grammar or spelling displays expertise. The same is true in their videos. I state this after being corrected several times for spelling and grammar in just this forum. I do think this is a regular standard to look for in any company, no matter the language.
    As to the sensor dust problems, I would second the motion to have Canon repair it. I have gotten some pretty big blobs on my sensor, and have always been able to get them off with a blower.

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