can we have more shots/page in the viewing gallery and top bar navigation again pls?

Discussion in ' Site Help' started by livvie, Nov 10, 2003.

  1. Have noticed that a recent change to the viewing gallery has reduced
    the number of images per page to twelve, regardless of screen res
    setting, and lost us the top navigation bar (community, gallery,
    learn ...etc). Navigation now involves returning to home page first.
    I have empty white space on the RHS of my screen where I could be

    I think I saw the old style page reappear breifly this weekend but it
    vanished again just as fast. I like to browse quickly through
    different searches on this page and would prefer as many per page as
    as is feesable. Am surprised no-one else seems to have mentioned this
    but have been traveling so maybe I missed something?
  2. To see the old-style display, you only have to log into the site. Users who are not logged in as members of the site see the new style display, which also shows them a skyscraper-format Google ad. Users who are not logged in also have to turn the page more often because there are fewer images on the page. This helps to reduce the number of images that are fetched from the server by logged-out users.

    The reason nobody has mentioned it is that people who can post to the forums are by definition logged-in, and therefore probably hasn't seen the new format for the Top Photo pages.

    The simple solution to your problem is to log in.
  3. ... doh!!... of course!!

    have been just dropping by recently while travelling and not always loggin in ...

    appreciate you taking the time to answer ...
  4. How is the Gallery now showing or not showing posted photographs? The reason I'm asking is when I try to find my pictures in the Gallery using the Ratings, or date posted, or for that matter any of the built-in sort criteria from the menu, they aren't showing up!! Today I watched as the date bounced all over the place, skipped over other folks pictures as well. I fully realize that the gallery database refreshes itself at certain times only, but something with the software engine here appears to be amiss. I can't see my pictures from previous postings but within the 1 week bracket at all anywhere!!For example if I posted a picture on the 15th, got 10 or 11 ratings, and with a norm average of scores, I am assuming that the picture would then show up in the category in the gallery where the sort engine should place the image, but this is not happening at all today...

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