Can we have an all-in-one upload page?

Discussion in ' Site Help' started by color, Jul 25, 2010.

  1. When I put an image in my collection it is usually with the intention that I will immediately ask for ratings/critiques. I image that that is what most of us members do most of the time. The current system seems to be pretty clunky and overly time consuming for that process. I would like to be able to upload a photo, add a name, select the category, add tech info about the image, AND ask for a critique and/or rating without having to upload my image and then go back to my portfolio, find the folder I put the image in, select the image, and then ask for critiques/ratings.
  2. Should this project be undertaken, I'd like to suggest that the auto-complete feature (based on previous entries) be activated for all the data fields you can fill in when entering an image. When this feature was disabled a few months ago, I requested that it be re-activated for the location fields which was taken care of (although a subsequent bug seems to have been re-introduced that I am still trying to document). Re-activation of the variable autofill for the copyright info would be particularly useful. Thanks.
  3. Let me see what I can figure out.
    But I think you overestimate the percentage of people who use the critique feature "most of the time". There are a lot of users who do not use it at all.
    However, as there are a lot of users who do use it, we may be able to figure something out.
  4. Thanks

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