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  1. I am completely stupid about photography etc but have this idea that somehow or other the photograph of grandpa's portrait can be fixed. I searched the Internet and found this site. Please can this photo be fixed? george Rogers.JPG
  2. Too difficult. Reshoot the pix. WARNING, shooting a pix of a photo/painting/etc under glass in a frame is a DIFFICULT task, because of the reflection off the glass. Shoot in a DARK room, illuminate the picture from the side (without lighting up the rest of the room), and make sure you CANNOT see any reflection in the pix. Better yet, see if you can get the glass removed from the frame, then shoot the pix as above w/o the glass in the frame.
  3. These images are obviously very important to you - rather than doing it yourself, have you considered getting them copied at a professional photo lab ? They will have had experience in this kind of work, so will be able to provide the best results. Good luck anyway.
  4. I guess the first question would be: do you actually own this photo, or is the portrait owned by local cityhall or something similar? If it's yours - as said above, reproduce it (instead of making a copy with a camera, I'd consider using a good flatbed scanner, so that would probably still need to done in a lab). It's hard to assess the actual damage to the print from your photo, so it may need some retouching. Again, probably better to have it done well by a professional. If it is not yours, and they cannot give it to you on loan, you'd need to reshoot as Gary suggests, and that's not that easy (so also there you may need a professional). Prints can also be restored, but it's more laborious and most likely more costly too.
  5. Thank you for your replies. No the portrait is not mine but it is of grandfather. The portrait is in South Africa and I'm in Australia. I'm told the frame is too delicate for the portrait to be handled or for the portrait to be removed and so when I asked some-one to go photograph it for me - the photo was taken through the glass. Thanks again for your troubles in attempt to help me..
  6. Perhaps you could at least ask your contact in South Africa to attempt another photo with a better camera that is capable of "RAW" images and heeds the suggestions made previously here regarding reflections, lighting, etc ... Once you obtain another shot, find someone with Photoshop skills. If the bad reflections shown here are minimized (the carpet, the cell phone, etc ...) then they should be able to provide you with a basic copy of your grandfather. It will never be perfect but at least you will have something to remember him by.
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    Untitled-1.jpg Lynn, it depends on how critical you are going to be of the reconstruction. I have done one or two for my own purposes, and am in no way an expert, but with less than 10 minutes in PS I was able to change the portrait to this.
  8. Gup You are WAY better at PS editing than I am. The carpet texture on the coat does not look bad either. Sort of like a camel hair jacket. Well done.

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