Can the F1's meter be fixed?

Discussion in 'Canon FD' started by johnny_tsang, Sep 19, 2009.

  1. I just received a 1971 F1 and the meter needle won't move at any speeds 1/4 and higher. Could this be fixed?
  2. What could be wrong with the camera can vary widely. Usually it can be fixed by a competent repair person. I used Advanced Camera's quote form (I think, and they sent back a pretty detailed quote on a couple of my items, one being a Canon EF. They seemed pretty confident they could fix it. Give it a try and see what they say.
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    what condition is the battery in? What battery are you using? have you cleaned the battery contacts with a pencil eraser? Are you inside with the ASA on the meter set very low?
    Lots of questions need to be answered BUT yes the meter on a F-1 is servicable by a qualified person
  4. I'm using a 1.35v battery and the asa is set at 400. Also i just tried the eraser method and sadly it didnt work. =[

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