Can the 5d IV Still Compete in Pro DSLR Market?

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  1. Dave, I am selling off old cameras not the 5D MK IV, thinking I should have about $3300, and I would need a Metabones adapter for the Sony, but I am thinking Canon may have a new 60 Megapixel 5DSR MK II soon that will roughly be in the range of the Sony Metabones Combo price and I won't have to worry about any lens compatibility. I am hoping Canon is really going to step up. But we will have to wait and see. 60 megapixels would be sweet.

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  2. Mark, I'll give you a great deal on a 5DS-R. ;-) I've even sold an image for use as wallpaper, using that body. There are two problems with the 5DS-R, it's limited dynamic range and very slow fps. Despite those shortcomings, I was still able to get shots like below:

    [​IMG]Puffin On Landing Approach by David Stephens, on Flickr

    Hopefully, Canon will add high-quality mega-pixels in this next iterations. Sony has figured out how to process 80MB files at 10-fps and the higher pixel-density a7RIII has higher DR than its a9 brother. I'm rooting for Canon to do some similar tricks.

    The Metabones EF-to-E T-adapter MkV works great with all my Canon lenses, giving all the functionality, as if on a Canon. (The 500/f4 II is an exception, that still works better on a Canon body). What made me go "all the way" over to Sony is additional functionality, particularly Lock-on AF and Eye-detection AF. Also, the Sony lenses are smaller and lighter.

    I'm afraid that the 5DS-R MkII is likely a fall event, but, hopefully, I'm wrong and it comes earlier.
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  3. Nice shot. 80MB /10 fps and with Metabones 100% compatibility is nice. Now I am confused, the A7RIII is a 42 Megapixel camera, is it doing some sort of Pixel shift to achieve the 80 megapixels or is this another camera?

    And if there were some way to get the prices down. :(

    Sony A7RIII (42 MP) $3,198.00
    Metabones $399.00
    subtotal $3,597.00
    My Tax Rate 6.00%
    Tax $215.82
    Total $3,812.82

    Even a new 5DSR MK II if at same price as the original model current B&H
    Canon 5DSR $3,699.00
    no adaptor $0.00
    subtotal $3,699.00
    My Tax Rate 6.00%
    Tax $221.94
    Total $3,920.94

    And looking at those numbers now. What am I thinking? I must be nuts, chasing sharper more megapixels. :confused:
    :cool: Maybe I seriously should reconsider it all at those prices. I should just be happy. And so goes the argument in my head. lol.
  4. Mark,

    I've been a member here for a several years, but don't post much. I believe you own a 5D Mk IV, as do I. I'm curious what you are trying to achieve with these considerations? I may have missed a post. Is is simply resolution? That seems to be the common denominator of the two bodies you are considering. Are you not happy with your 5D iv? Have you tried Dual Pixel RAW with initial processing DPP for improved resolution? Also, I have just begun to consider using Dual Pixel RAW, as it can also give expanded dynamic range. I am impressed with the expanded dynamic range aspect--see DPRSplit: boost Canon's Dynamic Range by +1EV (Dual Pixel).
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  5. Hey Mark, notice that I said 80MB, not 80mp. I'm sure that you've experienced that RAW file size often exceeds pixel count.

    I concur with your financial analysis.

    I'll just add, fps, FOR ME, are important. In my experience, Dynamic Range trumps megapixels., when you can't control lighting, such as with sunsets. For studio work, 60mp with controlled light will allow much larger printing. Are your really going to go beyond 72-inches?

    So, 10-fps and 15-stops of dynamic range lead me to the a7RIII with no lingering longing for 60mp. Of course, there's an outside chance that Canon will deliver 10-fps (even 8 would be okay), 15-stops of DR and 60mp, but I'd say that's a very outside chance. Even so, will it have WYSIWYG EVF, face and eye detection, class leading video capabilities, and be smaller and lighter? ;-)
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  6. :oops: Oppps. I really goofed, and I have been searching the web for 80 megapixel Sony cameras.:rolleyes: Thanks for setting me straight.
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  7. My main interest is the increased resolution and with no softening AA filter, will give sharper more detailed images. I love the detail and the ability to find interesting aspects and features exploring a high-resolution image that may have gone unnoticed in a lower resolution image.

    [QUOTE="Are you not happy with your 5D iv?[/QUOTE]
    I am very happy with the 5D MK IV, it is the best Canon I have ever owned.

    I have done a little dual pixel raw shooting and testing, it is interesting, I do not believe it adds resolution, it does increase file size. It offers bokeh shift, microfocus adjustment and ghost reduction which I experimented with.

    I will have to do more research on that. Generally, I don't see ghost problems in my images. Admittedly I should explore Dual Pixel Raw again, I have not looked for the increased dynamic range from DPR, I know the camera is pretty good as is, and I have a few tricks in post-production that serve my needs.

    The 5D MK IV, is a great camera and I am happy with it, but I do like pushing the envelope. ;)

    I have a few new lenses I really need to test with Dual Pixel Raw, one, in particular, is the SIGMA 85mm f/1.4 art which performs so nicely on the 5D MK IV.

    I do 99% of my post editing in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop CC (latest versions always) Last I checked Dual Pixel RAW was not supported, so this adds the extra burdensome step of using DPP. Make my DPP adjustments and convert the files to TIFF so they may be exported to Lightroom. It can be a painful process if you are working with 50 to 200 photos. DPP just doesn't have a good work flow for me.

    But I suppose some further experimentation may be worth looking into. I don't believe DPR is going to increase the megapixel resolution of the photo, though I wonder if a third party solution might not be out there. And there is DPRsplit LINK which I have not tried yet for dynamic range, but I think this could easily be achieved using both Lightroom to save the same image with two exposure setting and then combine in Photoshop sort of like doing an HDR, and I found the 5D MK IV already can do a nice HDR built-in camera feature. I have adjusted dynamic range in LR pushing shadow and dropping highlight, the did an external edit of a TIFF at the LR settings, done some external editing in Photoshop and save back to Lightroom and you can push the settings further. There are so many possibilities and I find a lot of time I am pleased with the 5D MK IV dynamic range, high ISO, low light noise just fine.

    But more resolution would be so nice. :cool: And as I have said before the 5D MK IV is great and maybe I should just be happy. But when I take a panorama of San Francisco from Treasure Island, wouldn't it be cool to see the flower pots on the balconies and the faces of the sea lions at Fisherman's Wharf. I guess it is just a different tool.
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  8. Mark,

    Thanks for answering my questions.

    I realize now that I was confusing Dual Pixel Raw with Dual Pixel AF, which has been around for a few years longer. I do like the DPRSplit capability made available by Dual Pixel Raw in the sense that it may be an insurance policy against blown highlights in those cases where you have only one image/exposure. In travel photography, for example, you may not always have the luxury of spending the time to take multiple exposures, or maybe even get the exposure exactly correct in the one image you have.

    Personally, I've been quite happy with my 5Div and don't have a need for greater resolution.
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