can i use this flash with fuji xt3?

Discussion in 'Macro' started by davidlustrup, Jan 27, 2021.

  1. Can i use the Meike MK-MT24 macro flash for canon with the fuji xt3? since you can use canon flashes with fuji it should work right?
  2. "since you can use canon flashes with fuji it should work right?"

    Unless someone knows something to the contrary, a Canon system compatible (ETTL) flash will not have through the lens meter capabilities when used on a Fuji X camera. It may work in full manual mode (flash output / aperture / shutter speed) set manually by the user or perhaps in auto flash mode (flash unit alone controls flash output and user must set the aperture and shutter speed manually on their camera). That said, the above described macro flash unit may work on a Fuji, but none of the dedicated TTL features will work.
  3. ok cool...cause for some reason I cant seem to find a flash like this for idea why in the world it doesn't exist but I cant find it. I don't need TTL I can just set the settings myself...all I care about is will it flash when I press the shutter lol
  4. Ask Meike they have a website

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